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I listened to the audio version on youtube for free, it was an 10 hour recording I found it absolutely fascinating A lot of the advice for lifestyle for being a good medium applies to those who want to live a healthy life also A lot of the ideas that have been revitalized via media today like our thoughts become our reality are covered in depth here. Love it for anyone who is into that sort of thing I feel you will enjoy greatly. The best basic text on developing discernment and use of psychic senses, written by Carrington for a New York spiritualist association. A good book with lots of info but title is a bit misleading as it s very heavily slanted towards mediumship development, as opposed to psychic development of other types. Very informative and complete *E-pub ↚ How to Develop Your Psychic Powers ↼ The Timeless Guide to Psychic Power Have you ever wanted to learn to tap your inner wisdom, read other peoples thoughts and emotions, fine tune your intuition, interpret dreams, foresee future trends and events, contact departed loved ones, see what s happening in distant locales Hereward Carrington, PhD s How to Develop Your Psychic Powers makes it easy Long an acknowledged masterpiece in the field, this book has helped hundreds of thousands of ordinary women and men learn to develop natural psychic talents they never knew they had This must read classic, penned nearly one hundred years ago, also shows how to tell authentic psychic perceptions and messages from those arising due to subconscious desires of the ego and those sent by malign or chaotic forces It s no wonder that Chester S Geier called it a little gem an ideal introduction for beginners in Fate magazine While, New Age writer and editor, Alyce Tulips, lauds it as a practical and useful guide to such subjects as mediumship, dreams, crystal gazing, telepathy, clairvoyance, the Ouija Board, and automatic writing Discover, explore and expand your own psychic talents in the safe hands of the man Australian psychic researcher Victor Zammit, LLB, calls a most distinguished, highly credible and respected author Hereward Carrington, PhD was for many years Director of the American Society for Psychical Research During his lifetime, Carrington was the author of numerous articles and books on the paranormal, including Telepathy and Clairvoyance, The Case for Psychic Survival, The Phenomena of Astral Projection, The Invisible World, and Psychic Oddities