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this became an instant fave beautiful writing, extraordinary story, rich characters full video review to come Generic Teen Book on Steroids Cast of Characters Critically Ill Teen with a heart of gold Yes, she s suffering but importantly, will she find love Overbearing Mother who keeps unreasonable tight leash on her 18 year old daughter because she loves her baby girl Edgy Angsty Hottie with a heart of gold AND emotional baggage He has abs, he likes math and man oh man can he bat those baby blues Swoon Abusive Father one dimensional jerk that beats Edgy, Angsty Hottie s family around Was given a half hearted backstory like the other family members Gay Music Loving Friend, totally accepted by friends, hiding it from family who I am fairly convinced only shows to check this one off the box he literally appears to once, drops some sage advice and is never mentioned again Essentially Critically Ill Teen has a long term, incurable immunodeficiency that essentially imprisons her in her own home Edgy Angsty Hottie moves next door and does all sorts of edgy and angsty and hottie things Crit Ill Teen has to decide will she follow the rules that literally keep her alive Or will she throw everything away for one PG kiss and over the jeans butt touch I think you already know her answer.To channel my already long rant, I will limit myself to the Boy Tastes, the Smex Scenes, the Idiocy of Teenagers and the Cop Out Ending The Boy Tastes cause minty fresh breath is sooo last year Seriously, WHY do all these YA teen boys have tastes He tastes like salted caramel and sunshine Ah yes, he must be one of those guys always chewing on caramels flavored with the sun to get that extra zingy kissing boost He tastes like nothing I ve ever experienced Like hope and possibility and the future like, he tastes like germs and diseases because you have a compromised immune system GURL why is his tongue in your mouth The Smex Scenes cause nothing says YA like complete incompetence Look, I know she s pretty isolated, but she has the internet She knows how to Google There are no excuses for moments like this I kiss my way across the landscape of him Down to his toes and back up again Girl What Are You Doing And, to top it all off We are wordless and then we are joined gracefully fade to black I am 99% sure it did not go like that She was probably making another pass at kissing his toes at some point The Idiocy of Teenagers it s totally not like you lived with this disease your entire liferight Critically Ill Teen complete disregard for personal safety regarding her disease drove me absolutely mad.How can you grow up with an incurable, potentially fatal disease and not know stay within your limits HOW Everything s a risk Not doing anything s a risk It s up to you It s the equivalent of peanut allergy kid nibbling on a reese s PB cup every couple of weeks too see what would happen.Throughout this book, this girl makes one dumb decision after another it s like do you even know you have a disease There s barely anything done to keep her safe Technically, there s an airlock and a no touching rule but Edgy, Angsty Hottie still touches so much of the house and the Overbearing Mother who s a DOCTOR seems to disregard even the most basic decontamination rulesI know that the illness is supposed to be second to the romance but to use such a serious illness as a YA plot device The least you can do is make it realistic The Cop Out Ending I read this much storyfor THIS view spoiler It was all a lie the entire time She was never sick Thank goodness because now the star crossed lovers can be together BUT WAIT There s By bubbling this child, she really does have a version of the disease It feels like the author was always angling for this and never intended to have a real ending for the characters hide spoiler This book is about a the most special different unique girl half black half Japanese girl in the world who has a super ultra extraordinarily rare disease which nobody can figure out which makes her allergic to everything, therefore she has to stay inside all day, who meets a boy who moves in next door, and it is exactly as boring as it sounds There is such a thing as trying too hard.I feel nothing for our doomed character I don t really care that she could kick the bucket at any moment as she randomly develops an allergy to her clothes, her mom, the furniture I don t care about her I don t feel bad for her She is sheltered, dull, emotionally underdeveloped I have no fucks to give about whatever silly ass random hopes and wishes and dreams she has go to Hawaii Whoo That s my dream too Whoop de doo.There are cute little drawings Whoo There are book spoilers the mouse in Flowers for Algernon died, and that book did make me cry in 5th grade.The Cute Boy Next Door tm sends her emails They slowly fall in love The end It is that boring Who gives a fuck In all seriousness, I don t really read contemporary books, and I have criterias for them They re supposed to make me feel for the main character I want to suffer along with them I want to fall in love along with them I want to experience their joy, their pain In a book in which a character is pretty much doomed from the start, I want to live each breath with them like it was their last.This book did nothing for me There s a Bundt cake that commits suicide in the book I felt emotion for that cake than I did for anyone in this book. 4.5 5I really enjoyed this, especially the last 1 3 of the book It had a unique premise, a great main character, a nice romance, and a great message I recommend to all of you looking for a good quick read, whether you are usually a fan of YA romance or not Just because you can t experience everything doesn t mean you shouldn t experience anything This was a combination of We Were Liars and The Fault In Our Stars What concerns me is the We Were Liars part Let me explain.This is a very dialouge driven novel Thoughtful but simple, cute and maybe a little cheesy There s a whiff of insta love but that isn t what bothered me It s the plot.1 view spoiler Madeline is sick She cannot leave the house Her mother does everything to keep her alive and far away from the world, because the Outside would kill her Madeline however decides she wants do die so she can live She leaves the house, runs away with a boy and leaves her mother a suicide note God that was a bitch move It made me so angry Madeline acted like such a brat, and I hated her for it hide spoiler 3 Stars Unfortunately, I was a little let down by Everything Everything I have heard people raving about it since 2015, I ve been dying to read it since 2015 I can t exactly tell if it was just overhyped by others and myself or if the book just all around was not the best for me.The overarching positive thing I have to say about this book is that it was entertaining Although I wasn t 100% satisfied with the story as a whole, I wanted to keep reading It was addicting and amusing, and it was an enjoyable read Also, we get a main character who is biracial African American Japanese Biracial characters don t always get their own stories in YA, so I was glad to see some positive representation on this front I also really liked Olly and Maddie together I thought they complimented each other well Olly was always looking out for Maddie s best interests and was respectful and attentive to her needs These are the types of love interests we need in YA and I was happy to see them together.That being said, I was irked by quite a lot of this book Firstly, I felt there was way too much of a focus on romance being Maddie s drive to truly live I was very happy that at certain points, Maddie wanted to go outside for herself, to not feel restricted, and to be free I may not agree with some of the risks Maddie took with her perceived condition, but if there was a reason for her to take those risks, a sense of taking control of your life and living for you is what I was glad to see Unfortunately, I felt at a lot of time, that individual desire was overshadowed by a desire for love There are so many points in this book where Maddie relays to Oly that she view spoiler never would have gone outside if it wasn t for him , wanted Olly to have a girlfriend who could do the same things as him etc hide spoiler 4.5 stars Pretty damned close to perfect And this one is going to make a lot of top 10 lists this year, including mine Review to come. I can see how this book might be offensive to some people if you ve read it, you know exactly what I m talking about , but the author absolutely didn t mean it to be and it is just fiction Plus, if we want to be mad at someone, we should be mad at a specific character Just sayin When I first saw this book and read its synopsis, I mentally took a step back Hey, didn t I read this one already A big d j vu moment occurred I, of course, was thinking of Magonia, which features a character with a similar disease Except, in Magonia, the heroine is slowly dying but able to wander outside, whereas Maddy can t leave her own house As long as she doesn t and isn t exposed to the outside world, everything inside her functions normally That being said, Magonia and Everything, Everything are two completely different novels that are worth the read.In fact, it reads so, so well I started it thinking I would like to finish it sometime this week, but turns out I read it in less than three hours and I m a slow reader Incidentally, uni is kicking my ass b c of that I m not gonna go ahead and say that the romance is a never seen before one, because let s face it It s the usual boy next door story, but with a twist, seeing that the girl can t leave her house I SO love that the heroine is Black and the love interest White Interracial romances happen ALL THE TIME, and yet, they aren t as frequent in books and movies and I m even going to go as far as to say songs The writing is mesmerizing TRY to resist it And hey, there are cute little pictures How often do you see those in YA Try never I have to watch the movie now Do not disappoint meBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin (Epub) Ø Everything, Everything ë My disease is as rare as it is famous Basically, I m allergic to the world I don t leave my house, have not left my house in seventeen years The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse, Carla.But then one day, a moving truck arrives next door I look out my window, and I see him He s tall, lean and wearing all black black T shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely He catches me looking and stares at me I stare right back His name is Olly.Maybe we can t predict the future, but we can predict some things For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly It s almost certainly going to be a disaster. I really liked the book, but I just can t justify the actions of the mom, it killed the ending for me.