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What a wonderful story Wow I absolutely loved Cole He is all man, strong, good looking, rich, powerful, and in love Yes, he is in love with Maggie and has been since they were teenagers After making a mistake he has regretted for over twelve years, he is given the chance to win her back And boy does he Maggie is a strong and very likeable leading lady She doesn t whine, she doesn t complain, she doesn t make you want to throw your Kindle She is just a strong willed and persistent woman trying to save her family business She has a lot of pride and is determined to get what she wants I loved watching them work together and get closer There is so much chemistry between these two, you just can t help but pull for them to be together They both love each other so much, and although they are each stubborn in many ways, they do know how to negotiate This is a stand alone, happy ending book written in not only their POVs, but also Maggie s sister and her brother in law s Great story Can t wait to read from this author Great booki really enjoyed reading this book Love the story line and the intense love scenes Great book Can t wait to see what else this author has. LACKS ROMANCECole and Maggie are enemies, though once she was his best friend and defender till he betrayed her Now Maggie needs Cole s help, but he s the last person she wants to ask But to save her family she swallows her pride.This was just okay for me The two lead characters were hard boiled wheeler dealers We don t see enough of their softer sides I would liked this to have seen romance between Cole and Maggie There was rather too much about business deals At times I found it confusing and difficult to follow. Maggie might not want Cole s help but she would do anything to save the Caldwell name Maggie and Cole might have a complicated past but when it s true love you accept one another with all their faults A fun easy read Everyone wants a Cole, that s what I think Love Megan Bryce, always keeps you dreaming Hopeless romantic at heart. I loved this book, love Megan s style of writing. .DOWNLOAD ⚖ Some Like It Ruthless (A Temporary Engagement #2) ☾ Margaret Caldwell would do anything to save her family s business Anything but beg Especially to the one man who could actually save them The one man who has already betrayed her But when Cole Montgomery gets a chance at redemption, he takes it He ll do anything for the one woman he can t forget And all he wants in return is everything. Good story lineLove the story but I was not crazy about the female character I felt she was a bit cold hearted and annoying I loved his character. Couldn t finish this book I liked the first one but this book was so confusing I didn t really like Maggie all that much She was mean and didn t really soften, like I expected. Let me first say that I, in no way, receive pleasure from leaving a negative review I would rather read a great book and not waste my time on the ones that are not so great.I loved Some Like It Charming and was so excited to read the second book in this series Unfortunately, I was very disappointed.This couple was so far out in left field that I had trouble following the story and who was doing what They were both immature and clueless, Maggie so than Cole Some of the language was a bit much, bordering on crude making it just raw sex instead of making love Neither had much self control but they each sure wanted to be in the driver s seat.I also don t understand the continual one up man ship Ex She showed up at his home and woke him up at 5 am one day So a day or two later he showed up at her house around 4 am Each of them spent most of the book making sure everything was always even.In my opinion, this was not really a love story It was a story about a man who was willing to destroy people without a second thought regardless of the consequences to get what he wanted and sometimes just to takeperiod He lied, he blackmailed, his word was no good, all he thought about was money and sex and I got so very tired of reading about how much he wanted her She wanted him too and she was like concrete, immovable, not giving in But after she did give in, there were times, as hard as she was, she gave in much too quickly.I felt exhausted after I finished this book and needed to visit my chiropractor to treat my whiplash When I read, I like to have a feel good moment at the end of a book, but all I felt was agitated, frustration, anger, and wondered how two people could be so stupid and waste so many years because their fathers were enemies.6 29 17 I made a grave error and decided to read books 1 3 in this series for the second time I couldn t remember this book two at all and didn t have a computer to look it up on Goodreads to see if I had read it It was just a really bad book and I never saw the love I would have castrated the hero and taped the heroine s mouth to shut her up I could recommend this to no one, not even to complete a series Most of the way through it didn t make a lot of sense It bothered me for two days after completing and quickly moved on to other books to get this off my mind I love Megan Bryce but this book was not worth the time or effort.