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ExcellentThis book was well written and kept me on the edge of my seat.It was very informative and answered a lot of questions I have had about the Indian Federation. I loved this book It is the 3rd in the Peacemaker series Much of the story is based on fact, only the names have been changed out of respect for the descendants of the original Native Americans It is set in the 12th century in a land not yet discovered by Europeans The Peacemaker puts his life and that of his close friend in mortal danger many times to bring the good tidings of peace and how to achieve it, explaining that there would be time and energy to grown needed crops, hunt, fish, etc, if so much time wasn t spent warring over trivial stuff. Following the test of the falls, the miracle of Two Rivers survival and the struggle to convince the clans that living together in unity is the answer to their problems, at last they are ready to listen and agree to the message of peace Two Rivers capability and patient self control is rewarded The clans realise the time for change is upon them, their hunger and desperation fueling the decision, and the knowledge that Two Rivers goal is the last chance for them to change their fortunes.So with the message received well, Two Rivers and Teneki, along with a group of supporters, travel back to the Onondaga people to convince them to join the alliance It proves as difficult as they expected Tadodaho, the war chief of Onondaga town, is far from interested in a message of peace He is feared among his people and suspected of having evil powers An opportune natural phenomenon, the like of which Two Rivers, or anyone else, had never seen occurs to lend weight to his words as he is regarded with awe.Meanwhile Seketa, who has taken to spending time on Two Rivers favourite cliff, realises how he must have felt and why he enjoyed the solitude away from the disapproval and intolerance of the town She makes a momentous decision.Onheda also has an insight into the reality of her situation, as she sees it, when she hears some news from travelling warriors at Jikonsahseh s camp Frustrated at her forced inactivity she decides to act.So, both Seketa and Onheda settle on a plan of action, having waited long enough, and begin their own journeys to find and help their men They are full of courage, strength of character and have lost patience with standing by and doing nothing Neither of them have any idea how desperate a situation they will find themselves in.This story kept me in suspense wondering how it would play out Will Two Rivers crusade cost him the woman he loves and is Seketa s determination and spirit enough to find Teneki Although the main thrust of the story is the peace process, which is incredible, I did like the added personal aspect which just gave a heightened sense of feeling to the story and that, along with the ending, is very emotional The characters are wonderful and their development is brilliant, especially Teneki, grown now into a formidable warrior.Another excellent instalment of the Great Peacemaker s initiation of the Great League of the Iroquois I just love the way Zoe Saadia breathes life into this amazing story, it s a fascinating and refreshing change, and because this period of history is new to me, the different nations and their lifestyle, customs and culture are a revelation My thanks to Zoe Saadia for this review copy. THE GREAT LAW OF PEACE is Book 3 of The Peacemaker Series and continues the path of Two Rivers and Tekeni With two maidens from two different tribes vying for Two Rivers attentions his only thought is to bring the message of peace to all nations that will listen The old ways no longer work It is time for a change A change for the better.With three Nations firmly in agreement with him, Two Rivers must now head back to the difficult Onondagas This will prove to be a mighty task since High Springs and Onondaga Town were on the verge of war Tadodaho, the War Chief of Onondaga Town, is a very dangerous man Even though his title is War Chief he seems to be the leader of the whole town It is thought that he has special powers that he uses for evil The bloodthirsty Mountain People are united in nothing but their hatred of others They cannot even agree amongst themselves Two Rivers surely has his work cut out for him His dream of a gathering of Five Nations is strong and hopefully attainable But at what cost Will Onheda be in grave danger as she heads out alone to Onondaga Town to gather information and smooth the way for Two Rivers and his message Unknowingly, in Onondaga Town, Onheda and Seketa will meet Each not knowing that the other is tightly knit to one of the Peace warriors What dangers await this growing group of people who are trying to spread the message of peace to all Nations In the clutches of the dangerous Tadodaho, what will become of the two women who have pierced the hearts of our two Peace Warriors Not knowing the women are in danger, will Two Rivers and Tekeni be in time to save them and also start a Five Nation Peace Treaty If you think there s suspense and frustrations in the first two books, wait until you get to this book I loved all the sepereate storylines coming together in such an exciting way The series could have ended here, but there s a fourth novel I m excited to find out what s in store for everyone. This book provides a great insight into the peace process that united the 5 nations in what is today upstate New York The author adds personal touches to provide additional interest but the main theme is that peace makes for better lives than constant warring Its too bad the Peacemaker could not work with Russia and Ukraine, Shiites and Sunnis, Palestinians and Israelis, etc I thoroughly enjoyed every minite reading this book. History of peace between 5 Indian NationAgain to think that the great peacemaker way back in the 12th century had something to do with our Constitution many hundreds of years later is quite an accomplishment &Free Epub ↴ The Great Law of Peace (The Peacemaker, #3) ⇔ To survive the test of the falls was only the first step Climbing the tree and letting them chop it down, falling straight into the worst of the rapids, gained him their attention, made them listen But the main part of his work was still ahead of Two Rivers and his most loyal follower, Tekeni The task of organizing the people as a whole, of making them talk to their hostile, warlike neighbors, demanded time, too much time Their private desires had to wait as they traveled to places, convened gatherings, convinced nations The Great Peace demanded their full attention However, the women they loved had different ideas Neither was prepared to sit and wait patiently Taking action seemed like the better course to both, but each went about it in her own, very different, fashion A good ending to the trilogy, predictable from the Peacemaker s aspect, but absolutely unpredictable as the other characters were concerned. Always a pleasure to read books by this author.