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This version of adult Harry reminded me of Harry when he d taken felix felicis he was confident and driven and made odd leaps of logic and intuition I also liked how clever and open he was In other fan fiction, he s so often displayed as socially bumbling. [[ DOWNLOAD KINDLE ]] ✗ Leopardspaw ↟ Drarry AUThe Ministry is very sorry that its latest mistake an artifact that was supposed to let Aurors detect lies blew up on Harry, and now he can detect lies every time someone tells one Inquiries are continuing The Ministry is also sorry that they can t tell Harry how long the effect would last Unspeakables are working around the clock And the Ministry would probably be two times sorrier if they knew that Draco Malfoy has hired Harry to find his father, who s escaped from Azkaban The Chosen One should be able to have a full and normal lifeWordscomplete This author writes well and, but I never seem to connect with her versions of the characters I liked this Harry, but never got a feel for this Draco, how he felt, even how he lived.