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{Free Pdf} õ The Skink in Canadian Service ⚸ Skink Description, Habitat, Image, Diet, and Description of the Skink These creatures look similar to lizards, and share the same general body shapeCompared to lizards, however, Skinks have shorter legs, and virtually no neck They come in a range of different colors, including tan, black, iridescent, blue, orange, green, andSkink Wikipediasink in English French Dictionary WordReference sink in vi phrasal phrasal verb, intransitive Verb with adverb s or preposition s , having special meaning and not taking direct object for example, make up reconcile After they fought, they made up be absorbed pntrer en profondeur vi verbe intransitif verbe qui s utilise sans complment d objet direct COD Ex Il est parti skink Traduction en franais exemples anglaisThe western skink belongs to the family Scincidae, of which there are three species native to Canada Le scinque de l Ouest appartient la famille des Scincids, dont on Skink lizard Britannica Skink, family Scincidae , any of about , species of lizards, mostly secretive ground dwellers or burrowers, that are represented throughout most of the world but are especially diverse in Southeast Asia and its associated islands, the deserts of Australia, and the temperate regions of North AmericaThe bodies of skinks are typically cylindrical in cross section, and most species have coneSkink Definition of Skink at Dictionary Skink definition, any of numerous lizards of the family Scincidae, common in many regions of the Old and New World, typically having flat, smooth, overlapping scales and comprising terrestrial, arboreal, and fossorial species See