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2017 This really is one of my all time favorite books I recently described to a friend as Downton Abbey if Downton Abbey were a comedy Lots of fun 2015 It s really impossible for me to analyze and critique anything by P.G Wodehouse All I can say is that his writing is fantastic and share a favorite scene The floor was crowded with all that was best and noblest in the county so that a half brick, hurled at any given moment, must infallibly have spilt blue blood Peers stepped on the toes of knights honorables bumped into the spines of baronets Probably the only titled person in the whole of the surrounding country who was not playing his part in the glittering scene was Lord Marshton who, on discovering that his private study had been converted into a cloakroom, had retired to bed with a pipe and a copy of Roses Red and Roses White , by Emily Ann Mackintosh Popgood, Crooly Co , which he was to discover after he was between the sheets, and it was too late to repair the error was not, as he had supposed, a treatise on his favorite hobby, but a novel of stearine sentimentality dealing with the adventures of a pure young English girl and an artist named Claude A few days ago, after an hour or so of attentional drifting, puttering here and there and looking for something to do, I found a P.G Wodehouse free novel on iBooks and have been content ever since When all is lost, when one is a bit in the dumps and at loose ends, when nothing seems to offer spice to life and verve to existence, Wodehouse can usually come to the rescue And once again he has, this time with his novel, A Damsel in Distress To categorize a Wodehouse novel as lightweight is to say nothing at all, there being no other category into which a Wodehouse novel can fall But that is sometimes just the thing, exactly what the doctor ordered, the elixir that can raise the spirits, put a gleam in the old eye, and engender enthusiasm where only dull torpor reigned a few moments ago It has done the trick, and I have had a most delightful couple of days Very satisfying The plot of this bit of fluff is immaterial, composed as predicted of silly love triangles, vapid aristocrats, and clich piled upon clich , those characteristics being the charm of Wodehouse, utterly inexplicable to anyone who has not indulged himself or herself in the PGW spell Don t take my word for it pick up almost any of his dozens of novels and see for yourself If you are not as entertained as I am by his blather, you have a heart of stone. Flighty aristocratic girls in love with unsuitable men Vapid and bullied elderly aristocrats Fearsome matriarchal aristocratic women who do the bullying Stiff necked aristocratic young men out to make fools of themselves And untitled young men about town with hearts of gold, always ready to rescue damsels in distress.In short, vintage Wodehouse.There is a director in Malayalam movies who makes situational comedies which are strikingly similar in theme and approach, but who provides hits on a regular basis despite the sameness I have likened this to the popularity of sambar, the South Indian curry which is a staple diet of most vegetarians Sambar is popular because of its predictability of taste, not in spite of it.I feel it is the same with Wodehouse novels We meet the same characters again and again in the same situations, yet we love it We go into the novel expecting it, and we want of the same. My son has long sung the praises of P.G Wodehouse and encouraged me to read of him It has been years since I picked up a book of his, and can t imagine what I was thinking, waiting so long Wodehouse is charming, witty, and an absolute master of description Just one example Such a one, in George s opinion, was this gurgling excrescence underneath the silk hat He comprised in his single person practically all the qualities which George disliked most He was, for a young man, extraordinarily obese Already a second edition of his chin had been published, and the perfectly cut morning coat which encased his upper section bulged out in an opulent semi circle He wore a little moustache, which to George s prejudiced eye seemed a complaint than a moustache His face was red, his manner dictatorial, and he was touched in the wind Take him for all in all he looked like a bit of bad news.Ah, so lovely, and so very British.Because his books are so determinedly lighthearted, it is easy to dismiss Wodehouse as merely a comic writer But this is to entirely ignore the fact that he is a master of language and plotting, and takes one from an absurdity to a silliness with adroitness and skill And what a plot There is intrigue and mystery, love lost and regained, and a hilarious trip for one character through a roadside ditch Highly recommended Perfect pick me up, feel good romp through the English summertime As usual love is in the air, but the heroes and heroines have to struggle against stuffy aunts and class preconceptions The book has aged like fine champagne, and Wodehouse golfing similes and general joy in the use of English language provide numerous quote worthy material Like the moment a spleen prone music hall composer lays eyes on the maid Maud The years fell away from him till, in an instant, from being a rather poorly preserved, liverish greybeard of sixty five or so, he became a sprightly lad of twenty one in a world of springtime and flowers and laughing brooks In other words, taking it by and large, George felt pretty good The impossible had happened Heaven had sent him an adventure, and he didn t care if it snowed I understand there s a film with Fred Astaire based on the book, and that the author was directly involved in the project, so I guess I ll check it out.Better still, I ll go for a stroll in the summer sunshine and leave you with the words of the master Mustn t waste life s springtime sitting here talking to you Toodle oo, laddie We shall meet anon A Damsel in Distress 1919 by P.G Wodehouse is yet another Wodehousian winner A successful American composer of popular musicals, George Bevan, whilst working in London, falls in love with a mysterious young woman who takes refuge in his taxicab one day and tracks her down to Belpher Castle in Hampshire, home of her father Lord Marshton and aunt Lady Caroline Byng Whereupon ensues the usual tale of unrequited love and temporarily thwarted romance It s another treat I chuckled, I laughed, and, on a couple of occastions, I guffawed By the end, all was right in this best of all possible worlds.4 5A Damsel in Distress 1919 by P.G Wodehouse A wee bit less on laughs from what you would expect from PGW but nonetheless has a great plot Was great fun.Rating More like 4.5 stars. For a year she had prayed that Geoffrey might be given back to her, and the Gods had heard her prayer They had given her back Geoffrey, and with a careless generosity they had given her twice as much of him as she had expected She was oppressed by the eternal melancholy miracle of the fat man who does not realise that he s become fat The hunt had been in progress full ten minutes before she and Lord Belpher finally cornered the poor wretch, that was Lord Marshton Lord Marshton As if there weren t better things to do with one s time than writing all day about my infernal fools of ancestors Percy felt for his complaisant friend something of the annoyance which a householder feels for the watchdog whom he finds fraternizing with the burglar Need I say Loved it Daffy mishaps abound as a golfing enthusiast Wodehouse does love his golf and composer is set upon by a young woman in need and, true to form, the author has his characters dangling from the ends of mistaken identity wires This was one of Wodehouse s early works and it s not bad, though not his best The writer was still honing his craft The plot, the characters, and the soup they find themselves in will all become richer in later books However, A Damsel in Distress is still a worthy read if you re a fan of his Jeeves Wooster line. ^BOOK ↟ A Damsel in Distress ↱ When Maud Marsh flings herself into George Bevan s cab in Piccadilly, he starts believing in damsels in distress George traces his mysterious traveling companion to Belpher Castle, home of Lord Marshton, where things become severely muddled Maud s aunt, Lady Caroline Byng, wants Maud to marry Reggie, her stepson Maud, meanwhile, is known to be in love with an unknown American she met in Wales So when George turns up speaking American, a nasty case of mistaken identity breaks out In fact, the scene is set for the perfect Wodehouse comedy of errors.