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I proudly read this enormous bookthan once as a seven year old It had a huge influence on the structure of my morality for the next decade or so, with stories of hard work, perseverance, and compassion for others The beautiful imagery also inspired my artistic side Este libro lo debe leer todo ni o tiene fabulas muy interesante y cada historia tiene su virtud que la explica de una forma tan sencilla que te deja pensando en ella. This is a fabulous book for reading to children It has adorable illustrations and wonderful character building stories in it It has everything from The Boy Who Cried Wolf to The Little Red Hen to ones I had never heard of before Wholesome reading material for story time On the hardcover shelf. .Free ♋ Treasury of Virtues: Courage, Love, Honesty ⚖ Twenty well known childhood stories, each with a message about virtues If you have small children and you want to impress upon them the importance of being virtuous, then I highly recommend this book