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I am not giving this a rating because I started skimming about 1 4 of the way into the story The writing is just too disjointed The perspective changes from expository to a bastardized third person to almost but not quite first person It was almost impossible to follow I had a difficult time determining when the voice of a character changed I can t say I recommend this. (((FREE DOWNLOAD))) ☠ Letting Go and Giving In ⇦ Matthew Harrington seems to have the perfect life He has a trust fund and is a successful newspaper writer, what could a person ask for The one thing Matthew wants most in the world is love He wants a partner to share his life with, but living a life in the closet throws a wrench in all of those plans He is weighted down by too much baggage to let himself live and be happy his grandmother has made sure of that Noah Carter walks into his life and suddenly things start to shift living in the same apartment as the man of his dreams means that feelings once hidden are drug out into the open Matthew doesn t know how long he can stand to keep his secrets anyNoah Carter came to Chicago looking to escape his small town life and find his independent self So far he has only found a man who uses him sexually and has much darkness than anyone can imagine Noah jumps at a chance to move out of the dorms and into an apartment so he can really start his independent life What Noah doesn t expect is to meet a man who makes him reconsider what he is getting out of his life and give him the chance to have so much It won t be easy, but Noah is not easily put off and will fight for what is his It has drama, sex, friendship, evil exes, meddling family, and a heartwarming story Come take this journey of self exploration with Matthew and Noah What a wonderful story I loved that from the moment Mathew first laid eyes on Noah he just knew he was the one to make sacrifices for Noah was such a strong loving character and he just brought out the very best parts of Mathew Josie was a great addition to this love story, she was funny, witty, and so loving of the guys, she was like their very own Cupid. Slow, boring started skimming at 20% into it I was hoping it would get better however it did not It was just an uncomfortable read.