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Supposed to be a chick flick40 yr old unmarried woman decides to go ahead with pregnancyin between two worlds.fits neither with the girls nor with the married womensupposed to be humorous, but not really..might just ditch it halfway Terrible cheesy ending Not really romantic, nor comedic. Chopping writing, a confusing plot, and a main character that really isn t too likable. |DOWNLOAD EPUB ♌ The Kew Mum Gang ♖ When Molly goes it alone as a single mum she knows it s the best decision she s ever taken But whilst her old friends think she s gone over to the other side her new contentedly married mum and baby group friends are than a little wary of her single status When an affair breaks out, Molly finds herself at the centre of suspicion for all the wrong reasons Whilst hoping her baby s father will eventually grow up, as she s had to, it s the sexy French perfumier studying orchids at Kew Gardens who is turning her head One of the husbands is having an affair very close to home, though, and Molly finds herself playing Cupid to save the marriage of another mum whilst her own love life descends into a freefall of confusion The Kew Mum Gang is a heady, perfume filled romance you won t want to put down till you ve smelt the final page A tender, entertaining read with some lovely set passages and an unexpected, heart warming conclusion THE BOOKSELLER