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Wow, just Wow I mean this section of the book is a roller coaster of emotion One minute you feel sorry for everyone involved, except Chezaro and Markella of course, and the next you re on the edge of your seat wishing for a miracle, then your like OMG that s so wonderful and thenheart break and then another OMG joyous moment I absolutely love the ending. Overall, I like the story line, but in my personal opinion all four of these books should have been combined into one Reading all of them in one day helped to keep my irritation down, because the others ended at really bad spots But with the exception of book two, the all end around the 50% mark on my kindle, which isthan a little frustrating. `DOWNLOAD BOOK ☜ The Yielding ↬ Iliana finally found out who Nickolas really was He was Nick DiAngelo, her most hated person in the world The man she s been in love with was her parent s murderer How could she live with herself, knowing she has saved the life of the man whose given her so much misery How could she have betrayed her parents so stupidly She knew he was too good to be true She suspected there would be a catch But not like this Never like thisShe hated him with all of her being but he still wouldn t let her go The one time when he finally succumbed, she got abducted by the enemy Now it was his chance to save herIf she would let him Can t stand the suspense Download and find out what happens next READER ADVISORY HOW PLEASUREFUL DO YOU LIKE YOUR STORIES This story contains content that some readers may find objectionable This includes sex, extended orgasms, and erotic themes All of the characters areyears of age or older