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!Read Pdf Å Neuro-Sell: How Neuroscience Can Power Your Sales Success ì Psychologist and sales coach Simon Hazeldine presents a process and approach to selling that is based on solid research and the latest findings in neuroscience By incorporating PRISM brain mapping a personality profiling instrument that uses neuroscience to identify behavioral preferences Hazeldine helps front line sales associates, sales managers and directors understand the importance of the unconscious and find out how to get below the surface level of buyer behavior PRISM is the tool to enable a sales force to sell in the way that customers prefer, to be flexible and responsive, to be proactive and anticipate the customer s needs Its use will help develop skills in building sales relationships and discover neuro negotiating techniques that result in sales success ,,,,,, Neuro Sell s greatest weakness is that it advertises a science based approach to selling but doesn t provide any scientific context For a title that implies using deep psychology to inform sales efforts, you expect to see relevant theory rather than chapters of sales scripts Disappointing. Book received via NetGalley and review was passed only to the publisher.