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( Download Kindle ) ⚸ Lorwyn Ø Welcome to the new world of Magic The Gathering Elves live in a world of unforgiving perfection It is survival of the fittest and none but the most beautiful and deadly are allowed to survive So when an elf warrior s horns are shattered and his flawless features lost, he knows it is a death sentence What he can t remember is how it happened or why he should allow himself to be killed Powerful and ancient magic is at work, and the elf will need to find friends fast before his fellow elves quiet him permanently A little confusing in the beginning, this book earns it s respect later on A great story, very easy to connect and relate with the characters The characters all have different ways of speaking which is good even though it could have been a littleenhanced It was fun that I could relate to the cards even though it has nothing to do with it. Interesting reading A bit slow at the beginning but soon it picked pace and made me curious enough to finish it so fast and also already pick the sequel in my hands. Amazing Way better than I expected. It s been a few months now, since I ve finished this one, and I still find my mind wandering back to its events and locations This was my first foray into Magic The Gathering Novelizations or the writing of Herndon, and it won t be my last.