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Mary Ward Brown and I are Judson College alumnae She was still living when I was a student, and I regret not meeting her or attending the author s event she hosted at the school This is an excellent collection of short stories My favorite story was about the single mom and her daughter. Wonderful short stories I picked up this book because Paul Theroux mentioned it in his excellent book Deep South I wasn t disappointed and hope to readof Mary Ward Brown s stories. Deceptively simple and moving short stories of everyday people in 1950s and later Alabama Written by a Southern woman who lived her whole life in a small Alabama town I m eager to read her second volume. Enchanting collection of short stories with a definite sense of time and place. This was an excellent, old fashioned book of short stories I had read an article on Harper Lee that the author said they he had traveled to Monroeville to visit Harper Lee but there were three other people there that he wanted to visit with Mary Ward Brown was one of those people So southern short stories, clean, insightful, good fiction Loved it. i first encountered mwb through a book club a few years ago that broke up shortly after we read these stories well, the stories enchanted even if the group did not succeed i ve just read her biography, fanning the spark, and feel inspired to revisit this collection i am in love with the short story form right now as i ve never been her own passion for stories is contagious. Enchanting and enlightening short stories about recent and not so recent times in the Deep South, specifically Alabama.These tales will really affect you, particularly if you grew up in the South.Highly recommended. *DOWNLOAD EBOOK ☔ It Wasn't All Dancing and Other Stories ↬ This eagerly anticipated second volume of short stories is offered by nationally acclaimed writer Mary Ward Brown, often referred to as the first lady of Alabama lettersWith thestories in this long awaited collectiong, Mary Ward Brown once again offers her devoted fans a palette of new literary pleasures The hallmarks of her style, so finely wrought in the award winning Tongues of Flamethe fully realized characters, her deep sensitivity, a defining sense of place and time are back in all their richness to involve and enchant the readerAll but one of the stories are set in Alabama They deal with dramatic turning points in the lives of charcaters who happen to be southerners, many jaxtaposed between Old South sensibility and manners and New South modernity and expectations Among these is a new widow who is not consoled by well meaning, proselytizing Christians a middle aged waitress in love with the town catch a bedridden belle dependent upon her black nurse a special young man in a newspaper shop a young faculty wife who attempts generosity with a lower class neighbor and a lawyer caught in the dilemma of race issues Through their diverse voices, Brown proves herself a graceful and gifted storyteller who writes with an authoritative pen, inventing and inhabiting the worlds of her set of characters with insight, compassion, and witMost of the stories in It Wasn t All Dancing have appeared previously in prominent national magazines and literary journals, including the Atlantinc Monthly, Grand Street,and Threepenny Review This fine collection should appeal to a wide audience among writers, literature scholars, and general readers alikeMary Ward Brown won thePEN Hemingway Award, theLillian Smith Award, and theAlabama Library Association Award for her first collection of short storied, Tounges of Flame She lives in the family home in Marion, Alabama This is a solid set of Southern short stories from an author I had never heard of before The characters are familiar without being cliche. A quick, satisfying read of short stories set in the deep South in varying time periods 1950s to 1990s Well developed characters throughout Planning to read her earlier collection as well.