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[[ Free ]] ⇭ Teaching Personality With Gracefulness ⇰ This book includes both a description and a discussion of the methods used by Kanriye Fujima, a member of the Fujima school of Japan, to teach Nihon Buyon to primarily Japanese Americans Sellers Young discusses Fujima s life as a teacher in three Pacific Northwest communities, providing an explanation of her teaching processes and contexts of performances Incorporating the themes and images associated with the pieces, Sellers Young discusses Fujima s vital role in the maintenance of specific Japanese cultural values Contents Preface Becoming a Student Kanriye Fujima s Life and Traditional Japanese Dance Theatre The Movement and Its Aesthetic Base The Students The Studio The Process of Teaching The Performance Elements Contexts of Performance Nihon Buyo From Japan to the Pacific Northwest Appendices The Dances and Program Notes of Fujinami Kai The Ten Most Taught Dances in Each Age Category References List of Illustrations Tables and Charts