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This is her first book and it was so great It had me in the first few pages This was a great read but I would have liked for the ending I would like to see Emily end up with the twin brother I felt there was a connection between them that was not explored I would have liked a little on Mark and Aimee relationship It just got started and the book ended Maybe an epilogue in the future, where they ended up. I love romances with strong family conflicts at the core of the story and Erin McCauley s The Confession didn t disappoint me.Aimee seems to have it all a fabulous career, talent, a to die for BFF in Luther But she s missing the love and support of family Her father, her one family champion, is now gone and her mother and younger sister have never emotionally connected with her When her mother confesses a dark secret, Aimee thinks she might just have the chance to find the love she has always lacked in her life.When Aimee pursues the truth behind her monther s deceit, she finds love and than just that of family She finds the love of a man wounded by his own family betrayal, even though they both fight against it.I chuckled, I cheered, and I shed than one tear.I strongly recommend giving Ms McCauley s The Confession a try I m so looking forward to getting her next book, The Truth , due out within only a couple weeks Did not finish story was too choppy for my taste, with characters bouncing from love to hate to lust to fast Plus, some of the geographic issues bugged me anyone who escapes from NYC to SF for the sunshine hasn t been to SF You can count on fog than sunshine nearly every day, even in the summer You pretty much can t be in SF without a trenchcoat for work or a sweater sweatshirt in case the temps are chilly I lost the thread of the story when I started wondering how the author thought SF was sunny which only means I wasn t that invested to start with To be fair, this could be a style issue and the book simply wasn t my cuppa tea. ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ☸ The Confession ♰ A confession turns successful handbag designer Aimee Morrison s world upside down and lands her on the doorstep of Emily Sinclair, the woman who could possibly be her birth mother In a case of mistaken identity, Aimee impulsively accepts a job as Emily s personal assistant To complicate matters, Aimee falls in love with Marcus Lee, a sexy, moody, damaged man who is highly suspicious of her.Marcus Lee has spent most of his life on the Sinclair estate, having lived there with his mother as a child, and returning after college to pursue his dream of becoming a writer and assume the role of estate caretaker Growing up with the memory of his father s betrayal, and his mother s emotional isolation, he s learned to trust no one Watching woman after woman claim to be Emily s long lost daughter in an effort to be her sole heir, he also believes everyone has a hidden agenda Upon meeting Aimee, he is surprised by his strong physical attraction to her, and even as he begins to fall in love, he knows she s keeping secrets.Tangled in her own deceptions, will Aimee lose everything she loves once the truth is revealed Sensuality Level Sensual The Confession is filled with wonderfully emotion scenes and delightful characters that will keep you glued to the page The happily ever after ending made me a very satisfied reader who eagerly awaits Ms McCauley s next offering. Wow Wow is all I can think of for this book I don t want to give the story away, but it was great I could not put it down once I started reading it I hope others enjoy it as much as I did. Loved it Read in one sitting Couldn t put it down. Heartfelt story Beautifully written and had me enthralled from start to finish Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great heartfelt novel ExcellentThis has to be one of the best books I ve read this year I love to read and absolutely loved everything about this book and the story it told.