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SUCH AN AMAZING BOOK, IT S THAT AMAZING I READ IT IN THE FEW HOURS IT EXISTED IN MY HOUSE Matthew has cleverly written the book using beautiful vocabulary talking so much truth about life, such good detail and I m so glad that the clues of the CD s finally make sense I gotta be honest, I expected it to be that good because I knew that Matthew would right an epic novel, it s that epic I d happily read books if he was ever willing to Metaphysical murder mystery A must read for any fans of the band Madina Lake. so badly written as to make it practically unintelligible like bad fan fic only I paid money for it |READ KINDLE ♸ Lila, the Divine Game ♠ AfterYears And Three Records The Mythology Behind The Band Is Complete The Last Installment, Revealing The Whole Meaning And Purpose Behind Madina Lake Is Told Only In These Pages Lila Is APage Book That Includes Each Part, The Auspice, Scorched Earth, And World War III Also Included Is An Epilogue Explaining Each Of The Clues Left In Artwork, Shows And In The Records, As To The Mystery Of The Town