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Yes, I cried. (((BOOK))) ↴ A Medal for Leroy ⇻ Inspired by the true story of Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British army, this is a stunning new novel of identity and loss by Michael Morpurgo, biggest UK children s author and the bestselling, award winning writer of War Horse, now a smash West End and Broadway hit as well as an Oscar nominated movie Michael doesn t remember his father, an RAF pilot lost in the war And his French mother, heartbroken and passionate, doesn t like to talk about her husband But then Auntie Snowdrop gives Michael a medal, followed by a photograph, which begin to reveal a hidden history A story of love and loss A story that will change everything and reveal to Michael who he really is A great children s book that tackles tricky themes in a careful way It was inspired by the true story of Walter Tull who I know a lot about , a black soldier in WWI who although was very brave was not awarded a medal for his outstanding courage due to the colour of his skin I admire the way Michael Morpurgo tackles important issues and doesn t sugarcoat his books My son bought me this book for Christmas as he knows I love this author A great choice It is a few years after the war has ended and young Michael not the author is growing up in London, living with his French mother Christine All he knows about his father is that his name was Roy, he was in the RAF during the war, flying a Spitfire and he had been shot down over the English Channel His mother had one of his medals and let Michael keep it in his room She told him that his Auntie Snowdrop really Martha had the other medals and would be happy to show them to him when they visited her and her sister, Auntie Pish really Mary , on New Year s Day And while Michael didn t really like to visit his Aunties much, he did enjoy seeing Jasper, a little Jack Russell terrier.The visits were always the same, time after time, but one day, as Michael was coming out of school, he saw his mother waiting for him and knew something was wrong She told him that his Auntie Snowdrop had passed away At the funeral, his Auntie Pish told him there was a parcel from Auntie Snowdrop for him and she was post it to him right away When Michael was 13, five years after his Auntie s death, he was given Jasper to take care of when Auntie Pish couldn t do it any Eventually she went into a nursing home and, about five years after the death of her sister, she gave Michael the parcel that was meant for him.In the parcel was a framed photograph of Michael s father, which he set on his desk But when Jasper jumped up on the desk, he knocked the photograph over and the glass broke Annoyed, Michael picked it all up and discovered a pad of paper behind the picture On it his Auntie had written Who I Am, What I ve Done and Who You Are and it was dated 1950.As Michael read her words, he discovered who his grandfather, his father, and his Auntie really were and how they were connected to each other And what this all means to him It was all a family secret that was never even shared with his mother His grandfather had served in World War I, and had died saving the lives of other men on the battlefield, but even though he should have gotten a posthumous medal for his bravery, he was never awarded one Why did this happen Well, Leroy Hamilton was a London orphan, intelligent, a great soccer player and a very congenial person He was also black and when he volunteered for military service in World War I, black men did not get awarded medalsuntil his great great granddaughter decided to fix that wrong.But where do Auntie Snowdrop and Michael s father Roy fit into all of this Using his familiar device of telling a story with a story, Michael Morpurgo has found another unusual story and turned it into a wonderful tale for kids A Medal for Leroy is based on the true story of Lieutenant Walter Tull, the only black officer to serve in the British army in WWI, though it only contains aspect of Tull s life, it is not a recounting.I was a little skeptical about this book before I started reading it because I didn t really care for the last Morpurgo book I read But I was pleasantly surprised once I started reading A Medal for Leroy is a gentle, poignant story that has some really interesting elements in it It is about family, love and being true to yourself, and the emotional harm and unhappiness that family secrets can inflict on everyone involved But is it also about triumph and hope and acceptance and I expect you may shed a tear or two before you finish.This book will be available in the US on January 14, 2014This book is recommended for readers age 9 This book was an E ARC received from Net Galley A medal for LeroyThis book tells the story of a young boy Michael growing up in the 1940 s Michael lives in London with his French mother His father was killed in action during World War 2, just 6 months into his marriage to Michael s mother Michael s father grew up with his two aunties, auntie Snowdrop Martha and auntie Pish Mary Once his father was killed his mother made an arrangement to bring Michael to visit his aunts Although, Michael and his mother was not entirely trilled with these arrangement, Michael was than happy to spend time with his aunties dog Kasper Kasper was a Jack Russell with big brown eyes, he featured in this story through generations, although different dogs but always similar looks and name It was during one of these visits that Michael discovered that his father received many medals for his bravery, which auntie Snowdrop kept, shined and polished on her mantelpiece After the death of auntie Snowdrop, Michael was told that he should expect a package in the post from his late auntie Years went by without sight and Michael forgot all about this promised package, then one day it arrived The contents of this box would change Michael s life forever The contents reveal who he really is I intentionally did not reveal the ending, as I believe to fully enjoy this book it is best read from the start I highly recommend This book was inspired by the story of Walter Tull an African American solider, who was recommended for many medals for bravery, but never received one Walter Tull was the only black officer to serve in the British army during World War 1 as a lieutenant Michael Morpurgo is an award winning author for War Horse, I however read another title and was quite disappointed I did not have high expectation for this book Michael proved me wrong with this inspirational title The unexpected twist at the end captured all my attention and eliminated any doubts This touching story can be read and enjoyed by upper key stage two This book could be used for independent read As some reference to both World Wars was mentioned in this book, perhaps this could also be looked at during studies on the Great World War Michael Foreman illustrated this book, the black and white illustration used in the book are simple and effective in line with the story When looking at the cover you get the impression that Leroy is the dog This is a must read. Those readers expecting an animal story involving the courage and faithfulness of an animal in a war setting will be disappointed, as Jasper, the black and white terrier depicted on the book jacket, is peripheral to Morpurgo s latest tale Instead, the novel focuses on the story of a black officer serving the British forces during World War I, a rarity in that era, so those stories went largely untold It is also a story of stigmatism resulting from racism and illegitimacy Illegitimate offspring, the result of a short lived love affair between lonely but adventurous young people, particularly an officer and a nurse, is a familiar plot Morpurgo lends the story a twist by making the officer a bi racial RAF pilot, who is killed shortly after a single night of passion, leaving behind his white, pregnant, lover Rejected by her parents, the pregnant woman and her fraternal twin set up housekeeping on their own, struggling to make ends meet and claiming the baby is adopted It is a fiction the sisters are able to maintain their entire lives Their grandson discovers the truth accidentally, in a hand written account that is cleverly hidden behind a photograph of his father, the adopted son Now all the family secrets are in the open, and the youngster must deal with the fall out.Although the themes of racism, bi racialism, illegitimacy, and prejudice are handled sensitively, it is difficult to place who the intended audience for this novel is It is marketed for ages 10 and up but although the text flows well, descriptions of teas with aged aunties and bedside visits in nursing homes, may not stir the interests of young readers Young readers may further lack interest in the other prevailing themes of racism and prejudice, especially if they pick up the familiar author s book in expectation of an extraordinary animal story, such as War Horse, or Shadow Inspired by the true story of Lieutenant Walter Tull, the sole black officer to serve in the British Army in World War I, Marpurgo was inspired to write A Medal for Leroy, after researching Tull s extraordinary leadership and bravery, which never received recognition from the British government in the form of a medal. What a darling little book from Micheal Morpurgo I d be lying if I said it didnt bring a lump into my throat and tears to spring to my eyes reading the last few pages of the story and the afterword.Secrets in families are often but they re so much better to hear face to face Auntie Pish and Auntie Snowdrop really were hard as nails and so it seems was Maman, I loved that Leroy made Martha so happy and that in such a grey world they managed to find a little bit of happiness that went on for Martha for almost 20 years The afterword really had me going, to hear about the injustice of so many valuable men that were willing to fight for their countries yet were denied due to their skin colour I didn t expect anything less from the narrowmindness which I know can be from both sides, I am so pleased to discover that some of the young men and their families were fortunate enough to have VC s rightfully awarded to them This book is so touching in so many ways.Also we mustn t forget the roles that the many Jaspers took but also how strong the original Jasper was to go down with Master I bet they all skip over those fields today, Leroy, Jasper, Martha and Roy Together at last, reunited as family Such a beautiful story and insight into those who gave us the freedoms we have today. My daughter wanted me to read this one because we had come across something about Walter Tull, a man who had bravely fought in the first world war but hadn t received a medal because of the colour of his skin This book is inspired by this story It was very engaging and beautifully illustrated I think it is fabulous that stories like this one are made understandable and accessible to primary school children. A grey cover with black soldier and a small black boy holding a dog did not interest me The novel A Medal for Leroy begins in Belgium in March 2012 I was introduced, sort of, to Christine, Maman, pa, Auntie Snowdrop, Auntie Pish, and Grandfather Leroy and a dog named Jasper I am not sure who the first person narrator is After reading this, I wondered, What is happening here Next, the story flashes back to London in the 1940 s where the narrator, Poodle AKA Michael, a young French English boy who grew up with his mother and no father His French mother is not black All Poodle knows of his father is that he was a RAF Spitfire pilot who was shot down in the English Channel in the summer of 1940 It hurts his mother too much to talk about his father, yet, Poodle wants to know His best bet to find out are his two Aunts, Auntie Pish and Auntie Snowdrop nicknames But when Auntie Snowdrop dies leaving Michael a note about her life behind a framed picture of his dad, Michael finds out secrets that change both his and his mother s lives forever If you re reading this at all, Michael, then it means you ve found my little writing pad behind the photo of your papa, just as I intended you to Read it again from time to time as you get olderI am sure that as we grow up, we do become able to understand ourselves and other people as little betterI am sure you will become understanding and forgiving as the years pass I hope so, because I m sure that it s only in forgiving that it s only in forgiving that we find real peace of mind 61 He was not who he thought he was nor were his Aunts who he thought they were Family secrets exist in every family, but those of Michael s family are HUGE, and Michael is not sure what to do with them once he unearths them The cover does not do this book justice This is a story of loves, wars, secrets, regrets, happinesses and sadnesses Sometimes, only years later can all the pieces of a family finally fall into the right places This is the second of Morpurgo s books I have read The other being War Horse and I am already seeing a re occurring theme, that is how ordinary people have to suffer the harsh realities of War most prominently the loss of loved ones It is also a book about heroic soldiers and how prejudice both in government institutions and society prevented them from being recognised as so The story revolves around a young boy Michael and his family which is made up of his mother and two aunts Through the characters in the story Morpurgo shows how one lie leads to another, until eventually it becomes hard to separate the lie from reality.I felt this was also a moving love story, that demonstrates the famous quotation, Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance It has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever I really liked this book and would recommend this as either a class reader for children in year 6 or for independent reading It s not a particularly reliable historical resource although there are references to WW1 and 2 So it could be used as a stimulus for a history lesson about WW2 but would be better served for discussion of a narrative text or, looking an author and the books they have written I found some resources on the web to help with lessons that focus on understanding text so for the above reasons it could be used in literacy lesson for upper KS2