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This might have been a decent story, but the grammar, spelling, wrong tense used etc drove me nuts I only made it about halfway through before I just could not take it any And the main character was a mouse of a woman which isn t my favorite thing for a main character Not recommended. I really enjoyed reading this book My heart sank everytime Sam fell into depression and self loathing it was so sad I almost fell into tears I wanted to shake her and tell her she was worth it I couldn t wait to find out just how this story would end. [ Read Book ] ♱ Breaking the Routine Can Have Consequences ☲ Samantha Peters was a good girl all her twenty six years, she never broke the rules, never was a party girl, didn t do anything crazy, never stood out in any way Basically she was invisible Her best friend gets her to agree to a wild weekend in New York where she has her first one night stand with a very hot mystery man No big deal, right She lives all the way in a little no name town in Illinois No one would ever find out That is until she finds out he s the newest addition to her father s accounting companyCan be found here