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FREE EPUB ⛄ The Royal Navy Series: Books 1-4 ⚣ All four books of Lee Rowan s ROYAL NAVY SERIES are included in this set The adventure begins in RANSOM where Will Marshal and David Archer are captured by accident when their Captain is abducted, and become pawns in a renegade pirate s sadistic game In WINDS OF CHANGE, after they have been lovers for a year, Will and Davy, now Lieutenants, are transferred to a new ship and in a bizarre turn of events their Captain orders them to behave as though they are involved in an illicit relationship in order to smoke out a suspected traitor, blackmailer, and saboteur In EYE OF THE STORM during a truce in the war between England and France, Will and Davy are recruited into His Majesty s secret service only to find that their relationship is in troubled waters And finally in HOME IS THE SAILOR after an unprovoked attack during peacetime Will and Davy, are sent into hiding at David s ancestral home in Devon, where they learn that the family has just lost its eldest son and heir Was it an accidentor murder