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!Download ⚖ Josephine Wall's Palette of Dreams ☿ This biography of Josephine Wall, the Premier Spirit of Imagination Artist , describes the who, what, where and how she creates her art The book includes personal stories of family members often used in her paintings, personal photographs andof her most popular images Welcome to the magical world of Josephine s fairies, wizards, godesses, angels and nature spirits In Josephine s Palette of Dreams, you will discover the many faces of the English born artist as you learn the intimate details of her earthly journey from childhood on There are many luminous layers abounding with hidden faces in enchanting detail in her imaginative, brilliantly coloured paintings You will find that Josephine Wall is a passionate, diverse and exceptionally gifted woman whose myriad accomplishments encompass nearly all areas of the artistic as well as human experience The art of painting is an all consuming obsession for me, says Josephine