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This was completely different in tone from the first book The author took an extra 8 months to write it and really didn t touch on anything from the first book The ending falls flat and is very anti climatic. I enjoyed itthan the last, but I feel like something is missing The main character is clearly inspired by noir protagonists, but his ambiguous abilities and talents take me out of the story I will likely try his next book. (Kindle) ⚨ When Night Falls (Eberron: The Lanternlight Files, #2) ⚝ Parker DeWolf continues his exciting series that will plumb the dark depths of Sharn, the most iconic locale in all of the Eberron world Ulther Whitsun is a fixer When you ve got a problem, if you can t find someone to take care of it, he s your man Ulther works for money, plain and simple But when a simple job lands him in the middle of a revolution, not choosing sides may doom him to an early grave This second book in The Lanternlight Files returns the Eberron story it its hardboiled detective roots