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@Free Ebook ⛓ The Man Who Knew ⚾ There are supreme and epoch making moments in the life of the world There are supreme and light and power bringing moments in the lives of individuals A supreme moment in the life of the world is when some great prophet, seer, sage, or saviour appears with a great elemental truth, and is able to impart it to others with a persuasive beauty and power A supreme moment in the lives of individuals is when they come face to face with such a truth when it comes clearly and convincingly to them Such truth must not only be uttered, but, to have authority and power, it must be lived by him who utters it Moreover it must be a truth that becomes an inspiration and a real help in the daily lives of common men and women men and women who have their problems to meet, their fears to face, their battles to fight, their bread to win Ralph Waldo Trine was a philosopher, mystic, teacher, author and early mentors of the New Thought Movement As an author Trine has far outsold other New Thought authors