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READ PDF ⚟ The Story of an Arranged Marriage å This short story is inspired from true eventsMenaal is , attractive, western educated and committed to her career She has hopes of meeting a special someone who would sweep her off her feetDestiny takes its course when her ailing father arranges her marriage with the son of his friend, whom she has never met Inspite of her aversion to an arranged marriage with a perfect stranger who has none of the qualities she seeks in a husband, Menaal accepts her father s decision and marries her US based husbandMarriage completely turns her life around She arrives in the US with her husband, and begins a journey that eventually takes her to new discoveries about life and herself Sweet StoryIt was a sweet story of two strangers in an arranged marriage slowly and tenderly falling in love The story brought back memories of my husband and I when we first met over 35 years ago Definitely a good read. Very poorly written It didn t tell me anything about an arranged marriage It was a very short story about how successful the lady within the arranged marriage was. Can I put zero star Annoyedmy 15 year old self could have written a better story than thisI want my 1.99 back Also didn t know it was going to be this short Seriously annoyed.