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I really wish I could find this book I read it in Middleschool and don t remember ever seeing it after that I Loved it at the time and have wanted to re read it several times over the last good god, has it been nearly 20 years already I love the story of Robin Hood but had never read the book It was great, written very well. The appeal of the movie, somewhat surprisingly, stems from the excellent script That script, or rather, that novel, is substantially darker than the movie, and the characters, especially the antagonists are wayconventional Even so, and in all quietness, one of the best, if short and simplistic literary renditions of the Outlaw of Sherwood in hte 20th century. This is my favourite movie, so I can say that some of the dialogue has been changed slightly and a few of the scenes, but it follows the extended director s cut version of the movie pretty closely If you love the movie, you ll love the book. [ Free Pdf ] ♿ Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ☬ Simon Green d apr s l histoire et le sc nario de Pen Densham et John Watson trad de l am ricain par Fran oise Fauchet Couldn t finish as found it a bit clunky and dull The best For me my favourite tale Book and movie This is a novelization of the 90 s movie, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner I don t read these because they re amazing literature I read them because I like having a previously inaccessible insight into characters in a movie I like knowing what Robin Hood might have been thinking during a particular scene or the Sherriff So this gave me what I was after and I ll leave it at that Definitely a quick read especially if you ve seen the movie. From an old journal entry of mine I read Robin Hood after our family returned from a week s vacation at Lake Powell I found the book on the houseboat, but couldn t get it away from Norma and Wayne who somehow managed to read it at the same time We saw the screenplay about a month later, and though we all thought it was wonderful, we all liked the book better. I actually read this in my contemporary authors class when I was in high school I picked the book up and was definitely iffy about it Once I dug into it I was hooked I can say I completely enjoyed the book so muchthan the movie But hey, isn t that usually the case It was full of everything I really do recommend it if you just want something fun to read.