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Some really memorable scenes in this one We have the build up to the school festival, which then turns tragic and the kids don't get to perform because of a vehicular accident (those vehicular accidents seem to regularly menace anime and manga characters) Then Sen disappears for a long part of the narrative And Kaoru is a jerk to Rikko again, saying horrible things and trying to get her to sleep with him I guess it reminds me that we all do stupid things in this confusing life.We're coming up on the end fast now! This is one of my favourite volumes Sen has a very heartwrenching back story, and I was impressed by the bond between Sen and Bon! Their pure friendship really moves me One of the best friendships I've seen so far 4 stars! He llorado como muchisimo???? Joder yo pensaba que este manga iba a ser bonito. I know how it ends but i'm still on the edge of my seat This is one of two volumes in the series that got 4 stars. Bước vào những tập cuối cùng Tuổi trẻ có ai là không mơ mộng, chỉ có con dốc vẫn còn đó. |Free ♃ 坂道のアポロン 8 ♍ 甘くて苦い青春の記憶が、ジャズの名曲と!年代、九州。坂道のある街で少年達は出会い、恋に揺れ、ジャズに夢を見、家族に悩んで成長する。こんな友人が欲しかった!こんな恋をしたかった!そう思いながら、切ない物語に涙する「このマンガがすごい!オンナ編」位作品が、ますます深みを増してパワーアップ!待望の第巻!