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Some nice tips and nuggets of perspective on the idea of creativity Not enough good content to recommend a buy, and this is really, in the end, geared toward educators, sothan 50% of the content is almost irrelevant to non educators you really have to fish for its applicability outside of the classroom. (((READ E-PUB))) ↶ Dancing about Architecture: A Little Book of Creativity ↵ Dancing About Architecture A compendium of ideas about how to take risks, and about how to go about coming up with better ideas ideas about how to plan experiences that leave people who are in the same room as those ideas awestruck and, ideas to help you avoid the textbook, the worksheet the barely stifled yawn Full description Great quick read about motivating education to bewhole body and dramatic Sounds simple common sense but some of the ideas in this book could profound help out education system in America especially. Absolutely interesting Useful Not as much, but I would put it with This is where the chairs go as a go to for creatively engaging a group, either as a regularly meeting committee, or as a one off convening. Diamond in the rough Great little book worth having on the reference shelf. some excellent ideas in an easy to read short read encouragingA book achieves greatness read at the right time This was the right time Cool references, great writing I took notes.