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FREE EPUB î Learning To Howl (The Wolf Trilogy, #1) è When he wrecks his truck on the way home for Christmas break, Brian is reunited with Jack the mechanic he has used ever since he got a car Jack is big, strong, gentle and beautiful and shows Brian a new way to love m mWarning This erotic story contains one first time gay experience, a first time werewolf experience, mutual masturbation, intense oral and anal sex, chasing a wolf into the woods and a huge ending Time to howl Cute short story guess i have to read of the trilogy to understand the wolf thing. Short introduction to how Brian, a human student, and Jack, a werewolf mechanic, meet again during Brian s Christmas break in his home town Much has changed, and Brian is suddenly and inexplicably physically attracted to Jack Not even the fact that Jack reveals himself to be a werewolf without any reason or need to do that can stop Brian from becoming Jack s lover He isn t surprised either, which I found a bit hard to believe since he didn t know about the existence of Weres before this.The story was okay, there was just no emotional involvement at all, and the sex lacked passion, or maybe I just missed it If you re looking for a quick read about a werewolf and a human lover who have sex in the woods, you may like this short story. This short story theoretically involved a werewolf outing himself to a man who had been attracted to him for quite some time, the first in a series of three stories In practice, the werewolf paranormal aspects to this first installment are almost non existent The bulk of the story focuses on the hot scene of two men finally exploring their mutual lust While the resulting heat was rewarding in its own right, the tiny veneer of wolfiness and especially the extraordinarily thin Were revelation scene left much to be desired for those interested in paranormal plots along with their sizzle. 2.5 Free short.Not quite sure why Jack changed Why invite him up and then change into a wolf, normally it s all about keeping it a secret or at least breaking it gently.I did think it was interesting that the much smaller human topped the humongous were.It s maybe..a HFN ending, it s actually of a hook up with a paranormal thrown in.