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I have wanted to read this book for a while but I couldn t find it in paperback still can t I have the first two books in paperback so I wanted this one in the same format I finally decided I wanted to read it regardless and got the technology working right to get the e book so I could finish the series.I liked this book, but not quite as much as the first two I was glad that Tony got got his story and his own happy ending after what happened to him in the first book and in this one. #FREE PDF ì Its Not About Her (Second Glances, #3) ⚝ Deena Tyler s mother led an unsavory lifestyle with drugs and men prior to Deena being taken into foster care as a teenager by a pastor and his wife She vows never to be anything like her mother Her dream is to become a pastor s wife so someday she ll have a family life similar to her foster parents She dresses plainly to keep guys from being attracted to her, and the one guy she is interested in only sees her as a friend She has secretly been in love with Tony Lane since he started dating her roommate during their freshman year of college and he talked about wanting to become a youth pastor after graduation But when her roommate died, Tony left town and changed schools Deena transfers to the college in his home town so she can provide him with moral support, only he just wants to forget the past and move on Tony has always fallen for beautiful women, but because of a few bad experiences with his former girlfriends he vows to focus on earning his college degree and to skip dating his sopho year But he s not good at staying away from the opposite sex, which is a real problem since he wants to become a pastor Girl troubles tend to stir up former addictions that he has battled for the past two years, so he works hard at stifling his wild side, though he isn t very successful in his attempts To complicate things further, his friend Deena, whom he has never been attracted to because she s fairly plain, starts looking really good to him Can he handle a new relationship this time around without messing it up, or is he destined to remain single Michelle has once again written a book that tackles issues that our young adults deal with, she does it with taste and shows that you can be real, have real problems to deal with and be victorious through Christ.I loved how Deena was a plain girl, and how Tony was attracted to her It was fun to watch their relationship progress.This is the 3rd book in the series I have loved all three of them I would recommend this series for all young adults This is the first Michelle Sutton book I read It is an amazing book It takes you on a journey of unselfish love I enjoyed watching the lead characters discover what it means to love Not just romantic love, but parental and friendship love as well I don t want to give too much away, but the growth of the lead female character confirms it s possible for anyone to change I was cheering for these characters to mature and step into the plan God had for them. This was my favorite book in this series It made me cry than once, but I won t say how many times and you can t make me G It made me laugh The problems these characters faced were so real, their struggles so easy to identify with and their responses so genuine A wonderful read I can recommend even to older adults you don t need to be a late teen or early 20 something to enjoy this book or this entire series for that matter. LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS BOOK IF you have not read any of Michelles books check this out This is book 3 in this series and it made me laugh several different times and even cry As always I really enjoyed it See Comments I wrote this book years ago It s the third in a series. The final book of the final series, Second Glances Deena Tyler had a bad mother growing up and she promises to herself never to be like her As a teenager, a pastor and his wife become her foster parents After giving her heart to God, there is only one other love she has Tony Lane Her former roommates boyfriend She follows him to college, just to be near him and to support him Tony Lane wants to forget his wild past and just concentrate on his future The last thing he needs is someone reminding him of his past He s always been weak when it came to beautiful women, and it s getting hard for him to keep in line When he discovers Deena is there, even she starts looking good to him The question is, can he really get a hold of his life and handle a relationship, or is he destined to be alone I really cannot give away anything without spoiling it for those who did not read the first two books If you are familiar with Tony Lane oh boy, you can just imagine what he will do, and what will happen This is a good book A very good book I thought it was going to go one way, but it didn t So Tony does finally learn something, but it takes a while to get there Seriously, if you loved the first two books You Have to read this one There are a couple sad parts, one in particular, but overall it s practically perfect.