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Cuffing KateI just finished reading this story, I have to say it s not one i d re read, I didn t seem to connect with it very well, I found the smaller details were explained too much and the main story dragged, we were given a lot of detail on the day to day life of Kate and her room mate but nto only did she lack any real character i d of gone ape if my flat mate had told a guy I liked about my bedroom antics I felt like we learnt a lot about the flat mate and little about Kate when it should of been the other way around, i m use to slow started and over detailed beginning on long stories 2 books or but in a short story it lacked any amount of lusty parts and too much informing.Story 3 just not exciting enough Cover N A part of a 6 story collaboration book so no cover offered Charaters 4 I feel like we didn t delver deep enough with Jules and too deep with Sonia I d look at purchasing another possibly longer story and still following Alison TJ x I didn t realize this was a short story and not an actual story It really lacked story line and was plain creepy. This was a very short read I found it on my libraries e book website and thought it sounded interesting I guess for being about 30 pages or so it was ok The situation with the roommate seemed a silly way to set up the story, it could have been done much better And really I was just bored There really wasn t anything exciting to me in this story.IMO don t bother with this read, even if it s free from the library. Not a full lenth book, just a qiuck 30 page tittlator Not to much of a story just the basics to give you the feel of the story Kate reads her roommates dairy and is turned on by the thought of hancuffs and the very man Jules thatwants to hancuff Sonya But are her fantasies going to be enough or is she going to seek Jules out and ask for what she really wants Considering it was a short read it took a bit to get into it but when it got into the good bits I loved it Pity this one was a short story Would love to have read about Kate and Jules. Wishing for a sequel a quick and boring read. *Download ↙ Cuffing Kate (12 Shades of Surrender Series) ☋ What naughty thing had he suggested to Sonia And why did I so desperately want him to try it out on me When Kate s roommate ditches Jules Rodriguez for asking her to do something kinky , she s eager to know what he wants Jules has always looked like a man Kate could share her fantasies withfantasies about dominance and submission that no one else has discovered Can Kate make him realize that ,emshe s his perfect bedmate Wish the story had gone on longer I would have liked to know what developed from Kate n Jules And Sonia n elanor Good read Lost interest real fast Finished it but a complete bore