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FINDING HOME by Lois GreimanCass Carmichael has returned back home to the ranch in South Dakota Her father has passed away and she hopes to spruce up the ranch and sell it to get back to her fiance and the city where they share an apartment that she pay for with her job as assistant secretary.She s funding his college education and after he becomes a doctor they will put their money into her further education Problem is she s putting all her time and money, what s left into the ranch The lambs are birthing, the cows are birthing and the horses There are ducks and other animals on the ranch that she just can t turn her back on.She accumulates strays, others will donate their time for a place to sleep and help out to learn and to push themselves into helping others.When Bradley shows up for a night he talks her into the hotel stay and asks for not only the months rent but the next month as well I wanted to read this book because it s about not only horses which I want to learn all I can about but South Dakota Never visited but like what I ve read about it.Also loved the setting of a table under a tree with light bulbs on, looks so inviting and cozy.A stray, Emily helps in the kitchen and with the animals They adopt the real estate agents daughter, well she pays to be there and that helps the animals with better food She knows horses and helps them learn.Hospital emergency and it draws them all together and we find out other mysteries that shed light on what happened.Love how she takes what she has and turns it into something real good It s everyday living on the ranch where things don t always go right. I listened to this book on Audible The narration was good, so that probably contributed to my enjoyment of the book In my humble opinion, the book is well written and an enjoyable and believable story The characters are developed and leave you rooting for them I hate when books leave you wondering, which this book does, so that would be my biggest con with this book Guess I have to read listen to the next one now Pretty decent book I only read it because I was looking for a fun audiobook to listen to and it was there but I ended up enjoying it Casie s character was good, I like how she ended up saving the day in the end I didn t really like her love interest but he didn t make me want to throw the book across the room All in all it was pretty okay I d definitely recommend it if you re looking for romances set on a ranch and are interested in horses and other farm animals. This was a nice book overall I can t put my finger on what bothered me about the story Sometimes when I think about it, I think the characters needed development other times I feel like there were too many characters animals events occurring to fill space maybe the story was over developed First of a series about the Lazy Windmill Ranch in Hope Springs, South Dakota A cast of characters each with his her own issues, come together while trying to figure out themselves Enjoyable, easy read. These are the the first books that I have read by Lois Greiman and I really enjoyed them It is a series and the story doesn t end until the end of the third book I don t ever love that I like the different books to be focused on different characters but they were still fast to read and had lots of people in the story that I wanted to follow all of them Also anybody who knows me knows I love a good cowboy story. 3.5 stars Couldn t believe the premise of heroine and Fianc being a part for 9 months Also the constant interruptions of the flow of conversations was really annoying Made the heroine seem so weak Not really a romance. Very good Good balance of humor and heartbreak with a wonderful cast of characters. {READ DOWNLOAD} ó Finding Home Ù broken down marebaby lambslost teens And a busted up bronc rider with balls than brains They all add up to trouble in Casie Carmichael s book She s come back to Hope Springs, South Dakota, with only one thing in mind selling the family s tumble down ranch and returning to Sioux Falls and her very practical fianc But leaving isn t as easy as she imagined, not when every bedraggled stray in the territory has a homing beam straight to her barn Suddenly, angry parents, hairless goats and a former flame s new heat aren t Casie s most pressing problems Her own mixed up heart is at the top of the list, and as she throws herself into making a safe haven for her motley crew, she realizes home is a lot closer than she thought Praise for Lois Greiman Greiman s writing is warm, witty and gently wise Betina Krahn, New York Times bestselling author Lois Greiman is a natural storyteller Victoria Alexander 3.5 stars