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A unique look into the underbelly of professional basketball it s buckets This is a very entertaining and insightful view of what players that have such a deep love for the game are willing to go through in their quest to continue playing With a wide array of characters coaches and players alike the reader is able to see the talent, as well as the shenanigans, that occur behind the scenes It was a great read and I would highly recommend it Underbelly Hoops Adventures in the CBA is than just a story of one man s pursuit of a professional career in basketball As he returns to the game that offered him so much throughout his youth he begins to find somewhat of a through line that is connecting professional aspirations, childhood dreams and a lifelong passion As he is pushing his body, challenging his preconceived notions about adulthood or maybe dragging his feet a bit before making the next inevitable plunge into career hood he has some revelations Carson has brilliant flashes on the court as he showcases the talent that garnered interest from his coach but he also demonstrates that he has a clear lens of perspective Read into this Underbelly Hoops adventure as it speaks to the visions of many a young lad. i thoroughly enjoyed this book it is a great look into the struggle of minor league basketball i am from nwi where carson is a hs hoops legend, and i figured i d give his book a try i was impressed, and look forward to reading his other books. This book was an entertaining look at the minor league of basketball You don t need to be a hard core basketball fan to enjoy this I m not If you are a sports fan in general, this is a must read The book was meticulously researched and includes footnotes The colorful characters that Carson encountered and the crazy stories made for an engrossing book My favorite characters included his coach, Boss Closs, and Ronnie Fields Absolutely hilarious The book was based on a diary that Carson kept during the season which enabled him to remember all of the funny little stories The story also had a balance of drama as Carson endured the coaches constant threats of cutting him I found myself rooting for him just to stay on the team This was a refreshing change from the typical sports drama where the story hinges on a championship moment.As Carson Cunningham told the story, he often discussed some of each players background While I found this interesting for the main characters, the nature of minor league basketball is that there is a lot of roster churn so I found this distracting for some of the other players who had only a brief appearance This is what kept the book from being 5 stars. Loved this book For basketball fans or athletes who get what it s like to eat, sleep, and live your sport and what you go through when that world starts to end and another begins Well written and super engaging Carson captures every emotion Really gained a deeper understanding of him and his passion for the game and life. I m not a big fan of basketball but I really enjoyed this book Having lived in a town with a minor league basketball team and attended games, it was interesting to get an inside look at something I otherwise knew very little aboutit seems like minor basketball is much cut throat than minor league baseball Interesting, informative, and easy to read, I d recommend this book to any sports fan who is looking to get an inside look By the way, Mr Cunningham Minot is in North, not South Dakota. .FREE PDF ⚆ Underbelly Hoops ☩ A top college basketball player for Oregon State and Purdue and a native of Indiana who believed he could one day play in the NBA, Carson Cunningham came close Well sort of close He ended up in the minor leagues of professional basketball instead, in the storied and now defunct CBA, a league that has turned out a record setting number of NBA players and coaches, such as Phil Jackson and George Karl It wasn t glamorous, in fact the playing conditions in the CBA were pretty grim near empty arenas, interminable bus rides to nowheresville, oddball coaches, little loyalty from management, meager pay, these were a few realities of CBA life And yet, even as it chipped away at your dignity and made little economic sense to remain, the CBA drew you in with the allure of action and the prospect of an NBA call up And it could inspire, like when you and your teammates caught a rhythm that made you remember why basketball is such a beautiful game, or when you saw guys continue to strive, to persevere, even if their dreams weren t fully realizedCarson writes honestly, hilariously and often touchingly of his running and gunning days as a CBA also ran, with flash backs to his college days where the future seemed brighter than a new pair of Nikes A top recruit with superior ballhanding and shooting skills along with a sixth basketball sense, inCarson was a Sporting News All American freshman who broke Gary Payton s freshman scoring record and a few years later helped his team at Purdue get within a game of the Final Four Cunningham has the appropriate sense of humor to write a book about the CBA Sometimes he gets close to taking it too seriously, but for the most part he keeps it light and sarcastic His explanation of why the league exists, its history, and its current predicament is appropriately, but not ponderously, explained However, I had to take a star off because he said Abe Lincoln was from Indiana. Good behind the scenes insight that I love Helps me understand the game It meant a lot to me since I played high school ball with Carson and could relate to a lot of things he talked about. Entertaining read for anyone connected to basketball.