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I picked up this book rather at random, feeling a bit lucky in my previous choices and hoping to find one good book amid lines of bad ones The story starts with a quasi essential lack of information, which is slowly provided as the pages go on There is in this book a balance of action, sentimental parts, and seemingly important sections over a UFO conspiracy However, the plot turns out as it can be expected Double agents, a shady plot, sneaky Chinese, and a shit ton of contacts which manage to keep the main character just about safe all the way through the book Progressing through the pages, while finally solving some of the form quizzical questions put forward in the start, the reader will find it difficult to grow to like or enjoy the presence of any character The main character, Harry Vee, seems to lack any basic form of opinion or character, while his friend James brought to image that of a pedophile when it came for the oddly placed child s bedroom in his house And then there s Mui, what must of been at the start, in any way the author s feebler attempt to connect some form of younger audience to the reader s section, by introducing a teenage girl into the plot Can we expect a normal, scared girl Nope, we re introduced to the stereotypical plot of dating behind her father s back while so willingly indulging in booze and fags as the book goes on And did I mention her posy of UFO seeking friends The seemingly only good thing about the book is the action scenes Fluid, constant, and well thought out The author especially exceeds himself in those areas Apart from that, just about every part in between except a few rare interesting moments can be floated past without the faintest care In fact, one of the most interesting parts of the book is that just about everybody dies People seem to kick the bucket out of mere habit as it seems I ve only just finished reading the book, and yet the initial feeling of What happens next has already been replaced by a dull ache Probably brought on as I thought about the book as a whole, and not the good scenes Certainly looking forward to forget this one as soon as possible. [[ Ebook ]] ⇹ The Sky Might Fall (Harry Vee, PI #1) ↬ Will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page is read Harry Vee, PI, finds things Missing people, stolen artwork, whatever He also drinks scotch, smokes cigarillos, and files his friends under Other Expenses.And he definitely does not want to return to Hong Kong But when he is forced to take the case of a missing schoolgirl he soon realises that finding her isn t the problem The hard part is keeping her away from the people who hired him.Hong Kong gangsters, Chinese Secret Service, and amateur UFO seekers all feature as Harry criss crosses East Asia, attempting to unravel the conspiracy before time runs out for the girl, and for him Find a comfortable seat and enjoy the ride as you will not be able to put this book down Marilou George The Kindle Book ReviewMore at This book was suggested to me by a friend, and as we all have different tastes I wasn t expecting too much But it was reasonably priced, and the plot sounded ok After the first page, that s about where my reservations stopped Harry Vee is a totally believable character who lives with the low life, drinks than the usual alcoholic and bleeds when he gets mixed up in the action Harry initially appears totally without morals, but he gets under your skin and you realise he s one of the good guys Quite honestly I couldn t put my Kindle down until I d finished the story The author seems well travelled and obviously knows his way around the Far East most of the action takes place in Hong Kong, China, Thailand and South Korea The only disappointment for me is that I couldn t find another Harry Vee novel, but I shall keep a look out