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!Read Pdf º Unexpected Circumstances ð Isabella is a handmaid to Princess Jessica, Daughter of King Aro When a knight from a neighboring kingdom wins his choice of bride, Sir Edward bypasses the princess and claims the handmaid instead Isabella suddenly finds herself married to a man she does not know, and is tossed into the middle of political plots and scheming nobles Her life is further turned upside down when she is unable to give her husband the one thing he must haveRated M for themes and eventual citrus, of courseBanner by India Rose I love everything Shay writes and I m so glad to see some Fanfiction being added on Goodreads I ve probably read equal parts Fanfiction and published materials An amazing story by Savage Many of us in the fandom remember Concubine gate and the raging debates but let me say, I m pleased how everything turned out.Google the video of the guy who plays Aro reading part of chapter one on VH1 I absolutely LOVED this story Once again I was sucked in from the beginning, desperate to find out if Bella and Edward would fall in love and live HEA I cried a few times but the author has a habit of making me do this Some disturbing and graphical scenes but very well written and I thoroughly recommend this story Read it, you will not be disappointed LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEE