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I admit I didn t make it through the entire book in the style of any good human rights atrocity documentation, the author hammers away deliberately at the crimes committed by Khartoum This is of a dissertation turned book than a mass market paperback However, Jok plays his cards early, and for that you must respect him He belongs to the contingent probably majority of Southerners that believe a separate South Sudan is the only way forward These scholars and activists use the tragic modern history of Sudan to point out that the borders are artificial and in any case counterproductive an argument that turns out to be quite convincing However, would the viability of a landlocked resource rich new African state without a full fledged government be any viable Also of interest is Jok s treatment of Darfur specifically as a part of a greater whole whose brutal recent history did not come forth in a vacuum That chapter alone makes the book worth reading.If only scholars like Jok could team up with effective writers, books such as these would be much powerful. This book gave excellent insight into the crisis facing Sudan Gives an excellent explanation on what led the country to break apart I only wish an additional edit would have followed once the referendum happened in 2011 as it was published in 2007, when Sudan was still one state Certainly an interesting read, very informative and written by a Sudanese man which gives it greater weight. I was only partially impressed by this book It does give some insight into the complex nature of socio cultural identity in Sudan, a complexity that applies elsewhere It also shows how our attempt to fit people s identities into conceptual boxes we understand like accepting the terms African and Arab mean in Sudan what they mean here leads to gross failures to grasp the complexity of places like Sudan.Where it fails is in editing the book has numerous types and poor grammar , in focus I found that it drifts from the central premise fairly often , in partisanship the book is much a plea for a division of Sudan than a dispassionate look at culture and, ultimately, in adequately addressing the interesting topic it purports to examine. I am honestly glad to have finished this book To say that I did not learn anything from this book would be a lie but to also say I enjoyed reading this book would be a lie too I picked up this book to get a local s perspective of the war in Sudan and feel I gained a lot of understanding on the war in Sudan The book should have been a whole lot shorter though, the author has bloated this book by going over the same points over and over again and in the process making reading the book a tedious affair and quite tiring It s a worthwhile read if you wish to get a southerners view of the war in Sudan. untill now i did not learn any thing from this book This book was a bit academic for me kinda like reading a dissertation at points But, I feel that I walk away from the book better informed than when I started While the writing was not always engaging, it was interesting enough There was quite a bit of repetition but sometimes that is needed to make a point and engrain the information into the readers mind. {Kindle} á Sudan: Race, Religion and Violence ë Sudan is a country in turmoil, ravaged by civil war, plagued by roaming gangs of rebel and government militia, and is rarely out of the news Despite government propaganda, tales of state sponsored murder, genocide and humanitarian crises are rife, and there is a real need for a measured investigation which carefully examines the causes of the troubles In this important book, Jok Madut Jok delves deep into Sudan s culture and past, isolating the factors that cause its fractured national identity Highlighting the Arabization of the central government in the north and the imposition of this cultural identity upon Darfur and the Christian South, Jok analyses the vicious cycle of violence and goes on to ask what can be done to improve the plight of the Sudanese people in the future Filled with sharp argument and heroic tales in the face of adversity, Sudan will appeal to everyone who wishes to gain a greater understanding of the current crises facing Sudan and its people.