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After a long wait for the book Finally I got it and just finished it I am expecting muchfrom this book There is no doubt the life and innocence of Lampan portrayed in a very good form However, it is not that intriguing , I found shala and Dunayadariabsorbing and I can imagine same scenario in my life while reading both the books But with vanvas ,the level was not even near Although comparing Shala and Vanvas is not my intention, but expectation of mine not satisfied. The book, set in a quaint town, warms you with sweet experiences sometimes silly, sometimes mundane at other times peculiar The author s childhood memories are often close to our own.Loved the book. , A cherished one one of the best book in the genre Gives goosebumps about growing years and wonderful simple lives back then. My most Favouritefeel good book , ^Free Epub ☠ वनवास ✔ A story of an adolescent who revealed his mind relating to small little things happening to his daily life