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You have gotcha questions about science, astrology, astro physics, are you interested curious to know about our sky that we see every day night keep questioning about ourselves about different objects such as Sun, Moon, evolution of earth other planets, black holes, mikyway, other stars their planets, astronomy, eclipses etc etc etc This one will prove to be a fantastic book that too in ur own language explained in very simple reader friendly language Use of jargon is avoided the complex theories concepts are described in a layman s language One of the best science popularization book ever written in Marathi Needs to be updated though with changes and new discoveries in science For example, Pluto is no a planet. An encyclopedic introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics written for young and old alike The book is written in a very simple language, covers almost every topic, from observations to theories involved in Astronomy, and it is quite enjoyable to read This was one of the books that inspired me to take up Astronomy professionally I highly recommend this book, or its English translation A Cosmic Adventure. Probably the best book about astronomy in Marathi Want to read the book desperately. i dont know about Akashashi Jadale Nate,i mean im unknown from this book One of the first science books I read and loved in my life It set me of the right path very early on, I believe It played a major role in making me what I am today. *DOWNLOAD BOOK ⇜ Akashashi Jadale Nate ⇱ All about astronomy astro physics