#FREE EPUB õ David Hockney: Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm with illustrations by David Hockney â eBook or E-pub free

Six Grimm s fairy tales, some classics you already know and some unremarkable ones you don t All of them ruined by David Hockney s shitty drawing. #FREE EPUB ⚢ David Hockney: Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm with illustrations by David Hockney ⚩ Reprinted for the first time since its original publication in , David Hockney s illustrations for the tales of the Brothers Grimm are like no other version Although inspired by earlier illustrators of the tales, including Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac, Hockney s extraordinary etchings reimagine these strange and supernatural stories for a modern audience, capturing their distinctive atmosphere in a style that is recognizably the artist s own Hockney s book brings together some well known tales, such as Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin, with others that are less familiar, like Old Rinkrank Informed by great art of the past, attuned to idiosyncrasies of character and incident, and fresh in execution and content, his illustrations invite us to read each story as if for the first time This was a Christmas gift from my mum and it s so special I love David Hockney, we re proud of him here in West Yorkshire and I love going to look at his work in Salt s Mill and Cartwright Hall This book is a collection of six of Grimms fairytales with some beautiful and haunting illustrations by Hockney If you ve never read the original Grimms fairytales then you should pick this up if you can, they re much darker andtwisted than their Disney counterparts. Some great illustrations from Hockney and interesting to read some of the original stories a few I knew, a few I didn t, or they ve just suffered from transliterations over the years A perfect train ride read A perfect bag size Grimm s fairy tales broken up with Hockney s crisp lines and imagination. Grim stories pun intended with no censorship or modification macabre and delightful in a sinister way Hockney s illustrations are spare and haunting and add much to the reading experience A slim treasure for dark and stormy nights. Estoy en Irlanda de au pair y me han dado acceso libre a sus libros Leer este, tres cuentos los conoc a pero los otros no, ha sido toda una experiencia.