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The Inquisitors Manual is a burlesque of misery m salliances, matrimonial unfaithfulness, divorces, ignorance, stupidity, incompetence, ugly vices, social cataclysms, decline and fall I must have been fifteen or sixteen years old because the new garage next to the beech trees was being built, the tractor rumbled beyond the vegetable garden, and the metal blades of the windmill creaked in the heat when I heard murmurs and whispers and steps in the chapel, not the sounds of chickens or turtledoves or magpies but of people, perhaps the gypsies from Azeit o making off with theVirgin Mary and the carved candlesticks women in black skirts, men blowing on flames under coffeepots, sad scrawny mules and I grabbed one of the canes from the stoneware umbrella stand in the foyer and trotted across the dining room where the chandelier sprinkled glass shadows onto the tablecloth, I leapt over the flower bed with birds of paradise, I leapt over the petunias, the chapel door was open, the candles fluttered under the arches, but I didn t find the Gypsies from Azeit oI found the cook lying flat out on the altar, her clothes all tousled, with her apron around her neck, and my father beet red, cigarillo in his mouth and hat on his head, holding on to her hips and looking at me without anger or surprise The Inquisitors Manual is about a pig style of living in a pigsty of the world the rich are greedy an villainous while the poor are grudgeful and wicked And meanness has the highest utility because it is a main propulsion device allowing to reach power I never went than two or three times to the farm in Palmela, I don t like cows, I don t like pigs, I don t like the smell of manure everywhere you turn, and I didn t like my father in law eyeing me from head to toe as if he d never seen me, as if I hadn t already been his daughter in law for ten years A skinny hothead without hips, you don t know how to pick out a heifer, Jo o eyeing me without the slightest hesitation, shame, or scruple, indifferent to the housekeeper, to the maids, to our kids, and to the broad with a lapdog who sat next to him on the sofa, a sinister, incredibly tacky broad in her fifties, dressed up at five in the afternoon as if for a baptismal ceremony in Alg s or some other nouveau riche suburb, the widow of a small town pharmacist or civil servant who liked to call me dear and touch my arm when she talked to me, I hate to be touched, and the old broad would grab my arm The meaner one gets the higher one manages to climb a social ladder But does it pay This is my third book by Ant nio Lobo Antunes My third book of human depredation and horror My third book of alienation and lost love Unloved children corruption blood rutting in place of love Lobo Antunes paints a disturbing view of the world but he never seems to get beyond what is real He is always within reach of the believable No matter how far he goes in his infernal travels, the reader, at least this reader, cannot get off Human existence is always the topic of discussion The technique in The Inquisitors Manual is one of report and commentary by numerous witnesses to the events Everyone has a point of view everyone suffers Everyone loses The topic is power and loss in the time of the Salazar dictatorship in Portugal Power is abused The central character, the Minister, takes everything he wants, brutally and sadistically But he possesses none of it The one thing he wants most, the love of his wife, escapes him And so he abuses the women around him treats them like slaves You there I d make as if to escape too, heading to the pantry to hide among the pots of jam and sacks of rice, and Senhor Francisco would cross my path, with his cigarillo almost touching my nose Be still and it was me, not his wife, that he bent over the sink, me whom he grabbed by the hair as I pleaded Don t hurt me And then You there a child I buried with my own hands down by the river, she and I sticky wet with each other, bleeding the same blood, it was me whose thighs Senhor Francisco wrenched open with his fingers, ordering Be still The inhumanity of power and frustration of power And then comes the loss of power, complete loss of power my father who at night is dragged off to bed by two female staff workers in an agony of shuffling slippers Who s the good little boy who goes to bed when it s time for beddy bye they undo the string on his pajamas, unbutton his fly, place a bedpan under his scrawny legs, all bones and hair Time to go wee wee, Senhor Francisco, time for wee wee, come on, there you go, that s a good boy, tonight you re not going to be naughty and wet your nice clean sheets, are you I do everything a woman wants except take my hat off, so she knows who s boss Humanity is what it is Flesh and blood, sweat and urine and shit We like to pretend that we are strong that we are rational that we are good It s always a struggle It s so easy to slip and fall into the muck we have made with our own bodies Ant nio Lobo Antunes describes a world that is much like that of Cormac McCarthy and Samuel Beckett, except it s real It s not really a work of the imagination This is Dante s Inferno brought to the surface and made real I shall continue to read Lobo Antunes I suppose I want to see his world, our human world, from all of the angles. meu Deus como tudo claro agora.Everything is now clear Or not We are driven into the story of Francisco, a high ranking minister in the Salazar dictatorship who wants it all but things happen.His wife Isabel leaves him He pines for her and takes a mistress, Mil whom he dresses after his ex wife Gostas de mim n o gostas Isabel Creepy.Politically he loses and he retreats to his farm remembering the days when the professor Salazar visited him He remembers his past during the Carnation Revolution THere are so many memories so much time lost Love and loss The Angolan war His farm with the cypress treed lane As the title suggests, an interrogation.Chichi senhor doutor chichi quem fez um chichi lindo chem foi Francisco is not a nice man Ambitious, cruel, harsh and driven His son Jo o is not like him He treats women very poorly He gets what he deserves Maybe Morreu assim que tocou na cal ada senhor ministro Francisco s life is recounted by many narratives This is the poetic, cryptic and powerful language of Portugal s Antonio Lobo Antunes To be honest, this is challenging material Lobo Antunes divides the book into five chapters within each chapter is a story relato and a commentary by others His language jumps around and plays on repetitive sentence structures that makes the entire narrative possibly one of the most unique voices in literature Similar and yet different to his companion Jose Saramago, it can evoke and puzzle you all at the same time One needs to read passages out loud to clarify To get the whole story, we need many voices This is ambitious stuff but reading it I was mesmerized by the flow.This is not a flattering view of this man and the people around him It is a snapshot of a time in Portugal s history that changed completely Francisco, or people like him were caught up and left out Reality Very much reality.Without a doubt, Powerful stuff. I ve heard about The Inquisitors Manual from a number of my GR friends They warned me that this wasn t a book for the sensitive people That is why I saved my read to September, the month when I usually feel harmonious and balanced, and the nature is melancholic but beautiful Smart move, because it was a journey through a dark and unfavourable landscape.Salazar s Portugal is the world of dictatorship, corruption, torture and blood Add lost love, incapability to love, abandoned children, abuse of women and plenty of evil and misery of all kinds, to get the picture of which subjects are brought up in the book Not an easy read, thematically , and I disliked most of the characters yet cried tears for them.Stylistically, it was brilliant and powerful writing Several different narrators told the story in reports, minor characters filled out the gaps in commentaries Change of perspective, playing with reality, cryptic and poetic language made all this book a unique experience That being said I need to add that I m not sure how much I got from the book, nor did I try too hard to understand everything I simply went with the magnificent flow of beautiful words I enjoyed the book as the melody and that s maybe odd to state about a book of fallen humanity, but this is how it was for me.I m grateful to Tamina op, whose brilliant translation to Serbian made it possible for me to discover the book and the author. One of the best books of Ant nio Lobo Antunes, who is also one of my favorite authors The writing of this author is also very peculiar and original long paragraphs current multiple pages, interspersed by the obsessions of the characters who return as leitmotifs punctuate the novel of their unfathomable anguish before a reality that overwhelms them We didn t feel any sympathy for these characters Antunes described in this novel the human condition on the side of reality, that of a selfish and bloodthirsty beast From the overwhelming literature to read. Exceptionally good Highly recommended.reviews if you are curious here I have discovered a new favourite author Fantastic kaleidoscopic array of voices swirling around the end days of a deposed Minister from Salazar s dictatorship. Recommended I d be curious to hear what other people think It didn t quite hit home for me, but then sometimes I think I ve lost the ability to read novels.I d like to say something interesting than just calling it Faulknerian, but well it really was a bit like Faulkner.Incontinence and cuckoldry, the things a man can never live down. {Download} ã O Manual dos Inquisidores á Il manuale degli inquisitori la somma dei resoconti che cinque personaggi, tutti legati fra loro, fanno degli stessi avvenimenti Joao, ingegnere di origini contadine capitato in una famiglia dell aristocarazia portoghese che non vuole accettare Titina, la devota governante del focolare domestico , che coltiva segrete aspirazioni materne Paula, sorella minore di Joao e figlia illegittima, che passa la sua gioranta ad immaginare una vita che avrebbe potuto essere e che non stata Mila, la giovane amante del padre di Joao, attraverso la quale rivive il mito dell antica sposa e infine il padre di Joao, potente ministro di Salazar, personaggio simbolo del Portogallo vecchio, che ha vissuto un lungo declino prima di scomparire A questi resoconti si aggiungono i commenti degli altri personaggi che a mano a mano vengono coinvolti nella narrazione ritroviamo cos la figlia del fittavolo sedotta dal padrone, l ex moglie di Joao e suo zio , la cuoca di casa, nonch madre di Paula, un veterinario, la terapista del ricovero della Misericordia, un handicappato, un portiere, un ex ufficiale dell esercito tutti quanti, con le loro, a volte contradditorie, storie, versioni dei fatti, fanno i conti con se stessi, con il Portogallo Grazie a questo sapiente intreccio di voci, Lobo Antunes, sullo sfondo della corrotta societ portoghese negli anni della dittatura salazarista, ricompone una saga centrata sull idea della casa tutelare qui per domina l assenza di un nucleo famigliare perfetto, completo, quasi a suggerire l impossibilit della pienezza della realizzazione totale dei propri desideri e delle proprie aspirazioni, essendo ognuno vittima di un destino scritto da altri, contro il quale non si pu combattere. My first contribution to goodreads I picked the last novel I ve read that really wowed me I d heard about Antunes from a number of people this is the first novel I ve read Stylistically brilliant, and clearly the work of a master empathist Postmodern techniques that I ve seen many authors wear like expensive suits are the ink in his pen The theme is weighty tyranny, on a large and a small scale, so not an easy book to read I at first winced at the comparisons to Faulkner printed on the book s jacket, but he s earned them, in my opinion Can t wait to read of his work, and can t believe it took me this long to find my way to him Highly recommended, though were I to loan this to someone I d warn them that the journey will be one through dark places Be prepared to navigate by touch alone, and watch out for sharp corners.