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DOWNLOAD ⚾ Rundblick 3 (L193 Beginners' German, #3) · ThemaKulturellesWhat does culture mean to you It might be high culture or popular culture It could mean opera or classical music It might be activities such as going to a museum, going to see a film, taking your child out for the day, taking part in sporting events or youth culture It could even be going shopping or watching TV In this Thema you come across different aspects of a wide spectrum of culture in Germany You also hear people giving their opinion on what they enjoy doing TheH rbericht in this Thema was recorded at the Love Parade in BerlinThemaWohnenWhen travelling, you not only find out about different places, but you also become aware of different patterns of accommodation Most of the people interviewed for this Thema live in the ancient Baltic port of Rostock in the state of Mecklenburg Vorpommern You find out what this historic town has to offer and consider what it is like to live there You learn how to inquire and talk about different types of accommodation, and how to express opinions, likes and dislikes and talk or write about past events During the unit, you develop strategiesto help you make longer spoken presentations and you develop yourlistening skills by learning how to handle longer authentic recordings At the end of this Thema, the focus shifts to Augsburg in Bavaria, where you visit a unique housing settlement in the heart of the city