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While this book collects all 6 of Charlie Watts quotes to the press over the last 45 years, it seems to beabout the milieu preceding the Stones in the London traditional jazz scene and so forth, than about the man himself Which is okay, but this really isn t much of a biography Some ineteresting bits on Watts continuing jazz interests and projects, butpretty thin on the guy himself I suppose that s to be expected since he s not particularly talkative, to put it mildly. Liked the book because it was a fans effort at portraying the man, but kind of reads like that too, which is good as it is touching, but ain depth biography is needed about the wembley whammer and this isn t it but it is likable I don t really like biographies generally but I do have a soft spot for Charlie. i enjoyed this book, because there is so little written about Charlie the best jazz drummer in a rock and roll band.. {Read} ⚣ Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones) Ã Charlie Watts Often appearing as a mere onlooker who didn t really want to be there, Charlie Watts, the silent Stone , embraced fame reluctantly Yet, ironically, if any one of the Stones could have made it big without the rest, it surely would have been Watts, who showed as much early promise as an artist as he did a jazz drummerUnderstated and seemingly underwhelmed, Watts provided a stark contrast to the b Full description