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These are two books in one I really enjoyed both books and wished there were to it Both dealt with age play which is a fond kink of mine In Trinity, I shivered with the addition of the femdom piece I loved every little punishment scene and it was just a guilty delight I liked most how Tina s being taken for task for not completing what she is supposed to complete One may argue that a grown woman shouldn t submit this way, but in Tina s case, she needs it.In Menage, TWO husbands to keep Gabby in line Wow I loved it I love how she gets into trouble and she s disciplined for it like a bad little girl.I recommend these books to those who do like age play If you don t like age play, avoid these books They will do nothing for you. Two very good stories that are short but definitly on the severe side Both are good but menage is my favorite with the main female character not having to answer to one but two alpha males in her life Excellent books. I m with Book Addict on this one Wish it would have been longer loved the stories Both were fun, incredibly hot, contained plenty of spanking and other scrumptious play like ageplay, enema, and corner time Faulkner is my favorite BDSM writer bar none Whatever it is maybe the way she writes the experience of pain which makes me hotter than any other author full stop I love it. Here are a couple of shorts about spanking and domestic discipline gone very, very, wrong I can t come up with anything else to say I skimmed though the last half totally absurd. ( Ebook ) ♧ Threes Company ♟ Trinity Anthony is a severe husband, believing in firm even harsh spankings for his wife, Tina When Tina s best friend Charlotte finds out that Tina is spanked, she agrees fully with Anthony s disciplinary regime.In fact, she suggests that what Tina would benefit from most is an expansion of that regime Anthony must travel a great deal, and what Tina really needs is a governess while her husband is gone Charlotte fulfills that role admirably, introducing many refinements into Tina s daily discipline schedule, including punishment enemas, rectal temperature taking, hard canings, and regular bedtime spanking.Menage A spanking story with a very unusual twist this young lady has not one, but two severe spankers in her life As a consequence, Gabby is a very often and thoroughly punished girl. Carolyn Faulkner is one of my favorite authors Three s Company includes two short stories, which is a great value If you enjoy BDSM and threesomes, don t forget to add this naughty tale to your library