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It was a wonderful book with lots of adventure The four friends had a mystery to solve and found out some new things they had never dreamed of. Me being me got this book and just started reading it Only after I finished it did I notice that it was a series and this was the fifth book Even though it is a series I was able to understand the plot pretty easily and that was just another motivation to give it a 5 Liked the plot, loved the characters, would recommend it to anyone interested. I loved these books as a kid and just had to pick this up when I saw it in a charity shop I was just as captivated as I was as a child although I was taken out of the story a little by the 14 and 31 difference, something I didn t pay attention to when I was younger These books are absolutely amazing, as accurate to the time as they can be and still surprisingly enjoyable as an adult Definitely need to try and find the rest of them If you have read one of these before then you know roughly what to expect Good teenage fiction set in Ancient Rome well Ostia, but you know what I mean Some interesting characters and good period detail Compared to the other one in this series that I read the storyline was nothing special it actually got a bit slow in the middle with not a lot going on but an interesting twist in the tail at the end. Loved this book I found it in a used bookstore, so read it out of the series order I really enjoy Lawrence s plotting Never a dull moment, and I m learning about Rome as well I plan to read the whole series. I am 10 years old and I did not know that this was the fifth book of the series.I really liked the plot of the story.It was very interesting and I got to learn a lot about the Roman history.During the first fifty pages I did not really understand the content of the book and I was confused.There could have beento the storyI would recommend this book for the age group 9 12. Another excellent instalment In a new beautiful setting in Pliny s sea side villa, the friends return to another thrilling adventure The plot is simpler than the previous book, but in a good way less improbable and complicated Also we get to find out about Lupus mysterious past. Lupus and dolphins I seem to have skipped book 4 somehow I did miss some pertinent plot points, but nothing too tricky, and we finally got some closure on Lupus s back story Glad this one was not so focused on Flavia. ^Free Book ☟ The Dolphins of Laurentum ⇬ In the fifth volume of the popular series of historical mysteries, a ragged stranger and the prospect of losing her family s fortune lead Flavia Gemina and her friends, Jonathan, Lupus, and Nubia to a seaside villa There, they discover a shipwreck and sunken treasure and that someone else is after the treasure, too As they solve the riddle of the wreck, the four friends also stumble acorss the terrible mystery of Lupus s past