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[[ Read E-pub ]] ⚜ Endeavor in Time ⚣ Five years after the Challenger disaster, NASA launched their newest space shuttle, Endeavor, in a dramatic return to space But several moments after lift off, Endeavor exploded over the ocean, taking the lives of all its crew members, and killing the United States space programIt s , seventeen years after the Endeavor tragedy in , and NASA has been made part of the Department of Defense America s civilian space program has been permanently discontinued for over fifteen yearsDaniel Marks, the Chief Programmer at a research facility in New Mexico, is working on a cutting edge electromagnetic device While developing the controller software for the device, an accident occurs and he suddenly finds himself back in his old life in With his unique knowledge of the future, what should he do with his new life Should he use his knowledge simply for personal gain, or should he risk his freedom and future to stop a national disaster before it happens Alternate fictional romance including time travel, with Christian elements Just didn t catch on with me Main plot okay just didn t engage May have tried to be too all encompassing, winding up a little scattered Finished it late at night Maybe my bad. Story line was interesting writing style just OK The writer was very descriptive about daily activities, etc that didn t really go anywhere Why were things written about that didn t really have anything to do with the story line I kept expecting something to happen This took me much longer to read because I slipped in two books to read during the same time his book started off keeping the reader on the edge of their seat The mystique details of the scenery, the character s emotions and activities keep the reader interested This book explores the future and past of technology and has engineers working on a secret project To some this selection may be a slow moment in the book, but after getting through the components and completion of the project, the reader is introduced to unique characters which keep their interest piqued The main character takes the reader on an adventure which personally invites them to the character s life and events on a journey during the NASA development and collapse of their space program It has vital details that most people were not aware of It continues to welcome the reader to enjoy the escapades and experiences of a man s personal journey to seek the truth In addition it has the components of spiritual exploration which adds depth to the character s faucets and the story in general I as a reader enjoyed some selected chapters than others Such as the personal transformation, the love story and his need to seek real knowledge and decide what actions and which was the right choice to sacrifice his happiness or rescue others in a moment of desperation The interesting facts about NASA, the space shuttles and their history make this story challenging and creates a need to explore about the space program in general This book covers many abstracts of personal, career and moral values from technology to discoveries of a mental and spiritual dimension The characters are so intense and it is easy for the reader to merge with them and go on the journey with them Asking self, will he be a coward or a hero The exact details of the horrific events which occurred in the world and the flashbacks make it feel like you were watching a movie about the past and present This author is an artist mingling technology, facts, personal morality and spiritualism into a an entertaining story about past and future occurrences due to an accidental EMF discharge that sent an experienced engineer back to his past and he has a difficult choice to made does he sacrifice his future happiness to stop a major catastrophe event He ponders his purpose and what if decisions of his life Along his journey of self realization he invites the reader to personal and fulfilling activities to keep the tension going Like a surfer, each chapter the reader is waiting to catch the right wave It has its quiet and high moments It keeps the heart racing anticipating the next action He keeps journals and they are his safety net between the past and present This book pulls in all ages, opening the door to mysteries He meets caring and colorful people along the way that become his mentors, and good friends who helped guide him morally and spiritual to decide the fate of his and future generations.You will not regret spending your hard earned money on this book This is a keeper, to be stored in the library and shared with the grandchildren, especially if you are interested in the possibility of a time machine and advanced technology There is a love story mixed in too It caught my heart and emotions, like I am catching a wave right now rereading one of the chapters. Endeavor In Time by Chris Hambleton is a very fast and entertaining read There are several sharp twists in the plot, and the descriptive style makes every detail come to life In fact, if I didn t know better, I would think the author was writing his own autobiography here I feel like I just read about someone I already know very well.Daniel, the main character, is a well educated engineer and software developer working in the deserts of New Mexico on a project to develop a better understanding of electromagnetism At 37, Daniel is single and has no real interest in marriage or a family in fact his only female relationship seems to be with his computer Daniel s life seems interesting and full of good challenges, and he is content, although a little restless at times Is this really all there is The project he has worked on for than five years is winding down now and he is starting to work on experimental areas how does electromagnetism relate to gravity Then suddenly wham The first plot twist hits when a gravitational experiment goes awry and Daniel suddenly wakes up in his old bed at his parent s house in Ohio in 1992, 18 years earlier While his memories are of New Mexico and being 37, he is now living in his own nineteen year old body, on break from his freshman year at college Already having twenty years experience in programming and designing computer systems, there is no sense in going back to college, and he decides to head to Cocoa Beach to see if he can ward off the Endeavor shuttle disaster It had been on his mind since one of his research partners in New Mexico in 2010 had been on the Endeavor team and had spoken to him about the design flaw that lead to the explosion In Florida, Daniel searches out the scientist he had known in the future This Christian man has to accept a very strange story on faith alone, and he agrees on the condition that Daniel come to his church with him and attend the services Eventually accepting Jesus as his own Savior, when the next plot twist hits, Daniel is able to rely on His grace to see him through I highly recommend this book to science fiction fans as well as those who are or would like to be Christians The author gives a good grounding for belief in Jesus, and the essential steps for asking Him to be one s Savior in the midst of the confusion of daily life Thanks once again, Chris