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@Download Ebook ⚢ ഫ്രാൻസിസ് ഇട്ടിക്കോര ô Francis Ittykkora, a 15th century Trader from Kunnamkulam and his adventures form the core of the novel The descendants of Ittykkora is believed to be active even now, living a secret life, controlling large number of business and power, following the gospel of Ittykkora with their own set of customs and rituals Using medieval history as the base for his theme, Ramakrishnan does a good job in keeping the central theme intact, while exploring the other aspects of modern life across continents and culture. The best rated Malayalam novels usually focus on the coming of age saga genre, if I may call them so Thrillers in Malayalam are generally considered of inferior quality But this man changes all of this TD Ramakrishnan s books are thoroughly enjoyable thrillers At the same time these books are thought provoking Huge fan of him after reading his grossly underrated Alpha His writing reminds me of Dan Brown, in his style of creating fiction out of historical events, books, monuments, documentaries and what not Francis Ittycora is considered by many as his masterpiece The amount of research hr has done for this work is commendable This one is a must read book for anyone who reads Malayalam literature Personally I would rate Alpha higher than Ittycora because of it s simple plot and universal relevance His latest work Sugandhi enna Aandal Devanayaki is also brilliant.This writer is someone to watch out for Hugely inspiring Hope someone translates his works to English so that a lot people can read them. Couldn t get through this book I got to page 88 and quit It starts out with a man in New York contacting a love school in Kochi, Kerala, through the internet This is Francis Itty Cora, and he tells the woman at the school that he is a former US military officer in Iraq, that he went to Iraq specifically to rape someone, and that he is a cannibal He wants to come to their school because he has been unable to have an erection since he raped the girl in Iraq And these women still decide to welcome him They end up doing some searching for information about his ancestor, an actual historical figure who was a Keralite pepper merchant in the 15th century But in this investigation, they run up against a shadowy religious cult that worships this ancestor, and gives him all the girls in the family when they reach puberty The translation is not very well done, but I would be surprised if the original were much better I guess you could read it if you like these sorts of books It s dark, gore and disturbing, but the well researched plot which walks on a very feeble line between a historic thriller and a fantasy, sure provides one exciting reading experience The author has taken some topics of recent interest and have woven a complicated plot which has a global setting His technique of relating the events in the story to some well known historic events have made the story even believable.P.S A Da Vinci Code for Malayalees, Made In Kunnamkulam. Francis Ittikora was a giant among men and this figurative usage does have some qualifiers to prove it Let me see now Tutored in the Hypatian school of Mathematics check, accomplished cartographer and astronomer during the time of the renaissance check, spice merchant and accomplished trader check, trading connections with the Medici s check There are but I draw the line here for fear of appearing to be awed by this fictional mythic hero This is the bare bones caricature of the myth against which Ramakrishnan builds this extremely powerful novel with an intricately woven plot.If Korappappan means great grandfather Kora in the lingo of his still existent family was a hero when he was alive, then death has rendered him a demigod Immortalized by acts of the occult, the powerful and considerably influential family of his recons him back from the dead Through primeval acts of satisfying the flesh , they recieve his blessings in terms of power, money and and avenues of gaining the first two A group of young women who make a living by running a brothel in the guise of a school of erotica and a writer try making inquiries into this forbidden empire They end up biting off than what they can chew What ensues is what forms the nerve center of the tale It is an amalgamation of history,sex,tales of power, a look at the trade routes through Trissur in Kerala, the reach and depth of Christianity along these areas etc while being wrapped in the cloak of an investigative mode of story telling I read this book a good two plus years ago and being able to recollect the tale with this amount of detail is a sure indicator of how good the tale was