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.Read E-pub ☢ Lost Splendor ♒ The fascinating first person account of the cross dressing prince who poisoned Rasputin with rose cream cakes laced with cyanide and spiked Madeira is now back in print Originally published in France in 1952, during the years of Prince Youssoupoff s exile from Russia, Lost Splendorhas all the excitement of a thriller Born to great riches, lord of vast feudal estates and many palaces, Felix Youssoupoff led the life of a grand seigneurin the days before the Russian Revolution Married to the niece of Czar Nicholas II, he could observe at close range the rampant corruption and intrigues of the imperial court, which culminated in the rise to power of the sinister monk Rasputin Finally, impelled by patriotism and his love for the Romanoff dynasty, which he felt was in danger of destroying itself and Russia, he killed Rasputin in 1916 with the help of the Grand Duke Dimitri and others More than any other single event, this deed helped to bring about the cataclysmic upheaval that ended in the advent of the Soviet regime The author describes the luxury and glamour of his upbringing, fantastic episodes at nightclubs and with the gypsies in St Petersburg, grand tours of Europe, dabbling in spiritualism and occultism, and an occasional conscience stricken attempt to alleviate the lot of the poor Prince Youssoupoff was an aristocrat of character When the moment for action came, when the monk s evil influence over the czar and czarina became unbearable, he and his friends decided that they must get rid of the monster He tells how Rasputin courted him and tried to hypnotize him, and how finally they decoyed him to the basement of the prince s palace Prince Youssoupoffis perfectly objective, remarkably modern and as accurate as human fallibility allows His book is therefore readable, of historical value and intimately tragic It is as if Count Fersen had written a detailed account of the last years of Marie Antoinette Harold Nicholson, on the first English edition, 1955By Prince Felix Youssoupoff Hardcover, 5.25 x 8.25 in 300 pgs 0 color 14 BW0 duotone 0 Item D20143