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@Read Book ⚥ Make Everything New - A Project on Communism (Fabrications) Ø These days, anybody can tell you that communism has been defeated, and the freedom loving West is still celebrating Yet the total condemnation of the grim totalitarian dictatorships that used communism for their own ends have made it all but impossible to rescue some of the positive and useful ideas from the philosophy In Make Everything New, artists, writers and collectives present counter narratives, abstract and unrealistic projects, political commentary and satire inspired by communism that are neither an historical overview nor a requiem for the past This illustrated collection of partial and subjective accounts of various creative practices becomes an experimental platform for ideas and an attempt to see how the communist imagination can be materialized as art in the present day Contributors includeBeaver, Gopal Kalakrishnan, Michael Blum, AA Bronson, Maria Eichorn, Factotum, Dmitry Gutov, Wu Ming, Aleksandra Mir, Sarah Pierce The Metropolitan Complex, CK Rajan, Pags Media Collective, Don t Rhine, Martha Rosier, Rob Stone, Alberto Toscano and Klaus Weber