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[[ FREE DOWNLOAD ]] ☋ Misfit Pack (The Misfit Series) (English Edition) ⇺ A redhead with a drawl, a lawyer with pink hair, and a homeless seventeen year old have no business forming a packIn a world where magic is commonplace, and your neighbor is just as likely to be an elf as a troll, three humans are unwillingly changed into werewolvesUnprepared and unwantedThe pack may have chosen Amber as their Alpha, but thats not a title she is supposed to have In order to be legally recognized as an Alpha she must pass the Trials, and it wont be easy If she fails, her pack will be disbanded and forced into a halfway house for bitten werewolves, aka The SystemBut the pack needs a sponsor in order to even enter the TrialsWith everything to lose, the brand new pack must learn to work together before its too late