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.FREE EBOOK ♡ The Art of Witty Banter: Be Clever, Be Quick, Be Interesting - Create Captivating Conversation ♵ Being witty can be developed into a real skill with practice As Patrick King opens up his book with an example using David Letterman, we are introduced totactics for developing our own talent in becoming wittyThis book is fantastic in giving readers the precise skills needed to become funny, witty and robust in their conversation, humour and communication tactics Patrick has given us the tools needed for mastering witty banter, as well as being a better conversationalist and speaker At the very least, you could become talkative at a social gathering and lighten up theBreakdown of the chapter in Witty Banter Chaptergives you a framework for knowing how to respond to people, and allows you to regulate how much you speak vs asking questions Chapterteaches to use absolute questions correctly by giving options or asking specific questions Chapteris all about knowing when to react and to do it not just passively Chapteris about free association and gives skills on how you can get better at thinking outside of the boxChapteryou are stepping outside of your role as a conversant and into the role of an observer Chapteris the Us Against the World Technique where you create a situation or conversation where the two people or group share a similar opinion or perspective This is my favourite The book hits a host of other great topics as well that focus on creating a conversation resume setting boundaries on the conversation let other people have the speaking floor injecting a fallback story make people feel like it is okay to talk about taboo topics validate peoples feelings and thoughts for positive impact initiate jokes or innuendosThe bottom line is, this book is structured to make you an awesome conversationalist through the art of witty banter The advice and tactics are easy to follow with lots of examples and real world strategies you can put into practice as soon as you step out the door I definitely recommend this book Scott B Allan, bestselling authorI thought maybe you had to take a class or go to places like toastmasters to really get into the thick of it and experience it firsthand and live This book, the art of witty banter, proves me wrong ReaderI lovedit I was just thinking about how I could improve these types of skillsearlier this week and bingo this pops up into myfeed, I gotlucky with a great book Ive read Dale Carnegies book, and itwas a similar aim, but this book is a bittactical and gives youwhat to actually say in situations that you might find yourself in,where Carnegie talked about general principles that we all know nowThat was my favorite part of the book actually, seeing examples of say this here when this happens that was cool and not something you see much The last chapter on initiating jokes was cool too because it really just showed how we take things too literally, and we rob ourselves of thechance to be witty and clever and show our senses of humorReaderSome of the so called tricks and techniques he talks about are so small and sneaky that it feels like they wont work or they just wont make a difference but like a miracle, lo and behold, they sure do when I tested just a few of them over this past week ReaderLots of real world examples and illustrations for how this stuff really works, which it just as good as watching videos for me, because I learn best by reading ReaderHighly recommend this book for anyone that just wants to be better at speaking to others in any situation Re reading next week ReaderSo can you learn most of these personality tips from a book The answer is yes if it is done well, and The Art of Witty Banter certainly is I will probably recommend this to my friends who are interested in such things ReaderThis entire book deals with not just tools and tips for witty banter to charm people, but really just rules of thumb for any situation, that can be used for business to even public speakingYou would think its common sense, and some of it is, but as I read the book and started to think about how I approached these things, as well as how mybanter went from day to day, well, its really not so common No one does this stuffIts little stuff, but its the little stuff that matters Thats the stuff that can make you super charming, or super avoidable Something from each of the chapters has been extremely useful for me Ive tried to focus on implementing one at a time, and while its hard, thats the way to do iteffectivelyIm a prolific reader of self development self help sounds so negative and even then, this book stands out above the rest I think it is probably because the author is actually a coach first, as opposed to a writer first This means that he knows how to actually solve these problems and deal with creating witty banter in real life, and that is priceless to have experience to write with King stands out above the rest, for sure, and I would not hesitate to recommend this to any one of my friends Reader