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!READ DOWNLOAD ⚑ Lesbian Firsts: 10 Lesbians Share Their First Time With a Woman ♷ Lesbian Firsts is a collection oflesbians detailed descriptions of their first sexual experience with another woman Asked by author Alexandra del Torre to provide as much detail as possible, they held nothing back in their retelling of these intensely intimate encounters In Lesbian Firsts, you will hear from real lesbians and read about their real first times, including HEATHER, ayear old high school English teacher who discovered her lesbianism with a volleyball teammate at the age of GHAN, ayear old attorney who lost her lesbian virginity to her first year dormmate in collegeISTEN, ayear old accountant who discovered her preference for women atduring a sleepover with heradvancedyear old friend, MichelleRIA, ayear old basketball coach who found sapphic love in a locker room shower with a teammateKORI, ayear old makeup artist who, at , was stimulated in a movie theatre by her cousins suave, butch neighborBBIE, ayear old psychologist whose first lesbian experience came at age , following her divorce from her husband of two years Trapped overnight during a rainstorm at her book club friends house, Debbie discovers pleasures she never knew with a manNNIFER, ayear old police officer who lost her lesbian virginity on the same night she gained the legal right to drink her st birthday A mysterious stranger in a lesbian bar introduces Jennifer to strap on sex in the bathroom, much to her delightDIANE, ayear old assistant book editor who engaged in her first lesbian sexual encounter with her current boss when she was ayear old intern at a publishing companyTAYLOR, ayear old personal chef who, as a student at a womens Catholic college, shared an intimate encounter with a classmate in her car during half time of a school basketball gameRAH, ayear old flight attendant who found lesbian love in the skies with a flirtatious flight attendant who was serving as her mentor when she was ayear old trainee